Monday, February 14, 2011

Nut Clusters

I don't know why I've waited so long to make these.  They are completely easy and kid friendly!  These would be great to give away as a gift and come together within minutes.  There are two ways to make these.

The ingredients:  Chocolate.  You can use dark, milk or white.  Whatever you have on hand.  Also nuts of your choice.  I had a package of deluxe mixed nuts so I used those.   You wont needs these many.  I used a large handful along with the bag of white chocolate chips.

The two ways are either, to lay the nuts out of wax paper in piles and then to pour some chocolate over the top.
The other way is to mix the nuts into the melted chocolate and then scoop a spoon full out onto the wax paper.

In a double boiler, or the microwave, melt your chocolate.  Depending on which way you'd like to make these, either lay out your nuts or mix your nuts into the chocolate once melted. Once you've spooned the chocolate out,  Let them dry!  Honestly, doesn't get much easier than that!  I think I'm on an "easy to make" kick lately!   I think it has something to do with this amazing 40 degree weather we are getting in Wisconsin this week!!  I don't feel like I'm stuck indoors anymore! 

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  1. Nothing better than delicious AND simple! These look great!