Saturday, February 12, 2011

Potato Soup - Possibly the easiest soup you'll ever make

  It takes 3 ingredients and comes together within 15 minutes.  It's also a crowd pleaser!

Those are the ingredients.  Easy to find anywhere.  You could also use hashbrowns with the peppers and onion.  The last time I made this, I also added in some ham that I had left over from Christmas dinner.   It really is good.  Good enough my 6 year old daughter, Katelyn, couldn't stop raving about it.  Of course that was after she picked out the peppers...but you can expect that from her. 


In a pot, add the chicken broth and the bag of potatoes.  Boil them for 10 minutes.
While the potato and broth are boiling, add the packet of country gravy to one cup of water and stir.   Add to the potatoes and broth.  Boil for about 3-5 more minutes until it thickens. 

That's it!  Add some sour cream and cheese to top it off!  Crumbled bacon would also be a fabulous idea!


  1. What size is the broth? The small can or the large one?

  2. BusyMom, it's 1 large can of chicken broth :)