Sunday, February 20, 2011

What we do in Wisconsin on the weekend

I am warning you now!  The closer to the end of the post we get, the more you may need to shield your child's eyes.  You'll see what I mean....

So I live in Wisconsin.  Cold, bitter, unbearable Wisconsin.  The summers are decent but we have a long....LONG winter to get through.  Yesterday was a beautiful winter day.  It was about 25 degree out at noon.  Not too bad!  Unless of course you're going to jump into a  frozen lake. 

So what this post is about is what we call Polar Plunge.  It's for Special Olympics of Wisconsin.  You earn money to jump into a frozen lake.  Of course that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.   Anyway, they cut a large area out of the frozen  lake, and you have water under the ice so that's what you get to jump into.  Hundreds to thousands of people do this each year just to earn money for this organization.  Once you get out you get to soak in a warm hot tub and then go on with your day!

Mike, my husband, jumped with his work.  He works for Nestle's pizza division and those that wanted to, all jumped together.  After all was said and done, he did say he'd do it again!
There he is walking up to the jumping area.  Most teams dress up for this event.  His team, to show pride for their company, wore their work attire along with carried a pizza box.
Freaking out a bit!  This was his first year of jumping!  Many had done this years prior.
Here we go!  They also get scored on their team jumping so people get creative!
 Halfway in!  People doing flips!
Submerged.  Ouch.

 The judges and Mike's teams score.

Now, remember I warned you things could go bad here.  Really bad.  The guys below were by far crowd favorites.  They jumped about 20 minutes after Mike's team had jumped.  
They look innocent enough.  Robes.  Large wigs on their heads.  What could go wrong here?  Once they got onto the jumping platform, that's when all bystanders got a real treat!
No words for this photo.  Sorry.  
I'll leave you with this one.  You can imagine how it felt to belly flop into ice cold water in nothing but a Borat mankini.


  1. Wow...where can I get Adam one of those! HOT!!!

  2. Ok, that is hilarious and totally disgusting all at the same time. Who knew this was going on just down the road from me!