Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy Guacamole

So do we need a break from all the sweets I've over loaded this blog with over the past couple weeks?  I think so! 

If you need to know anything about me, it's that I do not like cilantro.  I actually hate it.  If I taste it, I start to gag.  It started from when I was in my teens and I made a recipe I had seen in a cook book.  It called for a certain amount of cilantro and I wasn't sure how to measure fresh herbs so I chopped some up, and threw it in the soup.   While eating the soup, I couldn't get passed that taste.  It hit me in such a wrong way that the more I ate, the more I hated it.  It taste like a dirty weed to me and I can honestly taste it in any dish that has it, no matter how small the amount is.   This guacamole contains no cilantro.  It would be very simple to add some in there, but you wont see it on my list of ingredients.


4 ripe Avocado
1 Tomato
1/2 Jalapeno Pepper
1 Clove of Garlic
1/2 a Small Onion
Salt and Pepper


Start off with chopping up your ingredients.   I started with the avocado.  The easiest way to cup up the avocado is to slice it in the peel and then scoop it out with a spoon.

Dice up your tomato, excluding the "guts" on the inside.

Do a fine dice on the onion.

Also finely dice the jalapeno pepper.

For the garlic, you can either finely dice it or grate it.  I grated it because I didn't want to bite into a chunk of garlic.  Act like I have a picture of this.  It seems to have slipped through, somehow.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl.  Season with salt and pepper.  Juice 1 whole lemon into the guacamole and stir carefully.  It'll mush up a little but I like larger chunks so I tried to keep it as chunky as possible.  Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking.

Tomorrow I will share the Fajitas that I made this guacamole for!


  1. Oh my gosh- I just found your blog via foodgawker, and you have so many great recipes!! And what really won me over is that there is NO CILANTRO in this guacamole! If I get even the tiniest microscopic bit of cilantro in anything I eat, the whole meal is absolutely ruined. It's awful! I've rarely met anyone who felt the same, so I was so happy to see this! lol


  2. Wow... Thanks for sharing this information.