Monday, March 14, 2011

Peanut Butter Truffles

Peanut butter Truffles=Heaven.  They are amazing.  I don't know of anyone that doesn't like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  If you're one of them, let me know.  Then I promise I'll never say that again.   Until then....I don't know a person that doesn't like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.   Not one single person.   My husband saw them sitting in the fridge after he got home from work and decided he couldn't even have one.  Not because he doesn't love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, but because he knew he wouldn't be able to stop eating them once he started.  I give him an hour. 

1 16 oz. container of creamy style peanut butter
16 oz powder sugar (may need a bit more to get the right consistency)
1 cup (two sticks) of unsalted butter, slightly melted
1 lbs. milk chocolate


Start off with putting the entire jar of peanut butter, powder sugar, and butter into a bowl.  You can try to mix this with a spoon or fork but I got my hands really really messy and stuck them right in.  I find it works best.  It's going to be very messy and you may need to add more powder sugar.  You're basically trying to get a "dough" that doesn't stick to your hands directly, like the peanut butter alone would.
You will end up with a mess like this:
Once the mixture is blended well, wash your hands.  That way the balls wont stick to your hands when you are rolling them.  Take a melon baller, or a small scoop to get the right amount of filling as you need.  Continue until all the filling is used and rolled. 
Stick them in the freezer for 30 minutes.  They will harden up a good amount.

Melt your chocolate, either in a double boiler or in the microwave.  Take your peanut butter balls out of the freezer and cover them all in chocolate.  Make sure to shake off the extra chocolate by tapping your fork on the side of the bowl a few times.
These seemed to stick to my fork more than traditional cake balls do so I ended up taking another fork and scooting them off with it.  Decorate however you wish!  Yikes, my nails are in terrible condition.  Sorry!


  1. Very lovely truffle. The chocolate coating is so smooth and perfect.

  2. ummm... YUM!!! I am going to have to make these!!!

    Visiting from Creations by Kara!


  3. for the record, I hate peanut butter, and so does my best friend...we love making your truffles...just wanted to let you know that the peanut butter hating wierdos of the world do exist.

  4. I have made hundreds of these if not thousands for Christmas presents over the years. I use a round toothpick to dip mine and then twist off when placing on the wax paper. They need to be frozen so they don't fall apart though.

  5. I love making these for my mom :)