Thursday, May 5, 2011

Embarrassing Photography

The weather in my neck of the woods had made my lack of photography skills stuck pretty bad.  My house lacks good southern exposure and big huge windows in my kitchen so I often have to plate up my food and carry it to some other room to set up an area to get good enough lighting.  The day I made this, however,  was so dark and gloomy that even moving it to another area in the house didn't work.  The picture just truly failed, and for that, I'm sorry!  This dish is good....I's just that sometimes I just am not very good at photography. Did I just say that?  It felt good! 

I will get this recipe out to you tomorrow though!  Until then, you can try to guess what it is. 


  1. This looks delicious, even with the bad lighting! Cant wait for the recipe :)

  2. If I had a dime for every photo I botched, I could afford the studio lighting to get great shots every time!
    Looks like some blueberries and cream to me. Or maybe blackberries? Either way, it's a hint of summer rapidly approaching!

  3. I'm thinking that the outside is spinach or collard greens or something of the sort. Not sure about the "cream" part - maybe a fluffy cheese sauce?

  4. Nope, thats def not a vegetable. My first thought was chocolate and cream, but I have to agree with Ironchefman- I think its bluberry. This would be such a fun contest btw :)