Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring? Soccer and Coffee

What is up with the weather this year?!  It's still so dang cold out there I can barely stand it!  My daughter started soccer tonight and we froze our butts off.  I was lucky enough that Mike brought me coffee
to keep me lukewarm in this 40 degree MAY. 

That's my giant child....tallest on the team....

Scoring a goal (I love the series of pictures)...

 Regardless of the cold, it was an awesome night.  This is the first true competitive sport our daughters have been in and it was so much fun to watch!


  1. We sat in the cold and rain last night at our second baseball game.

    Our soccer continues to be delayed with all of the rain we had in north east Ohio, they can't get on the fields to mow, paint and place goals yet. We are supposed to be a few weeks into practice and a week into games by now.

  2. Adorable picture!! The weather has been weird everywhere, it seems. It is like this year Mother Nature is all, "Whatever. Watch what I can do."