Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How fast are you?

Once upon a time...when you first started running, where you slow too?  Are you a natural athlete that took off from day one with fast times?  Did you train hard to get to where you are?

I am not a natural runner.  I have a hard time running and adding miles each week and I feel like I must put my effort out there 100% to do so.   When I started in July I was running about 1 mile at a time.  Then I would get to 1.5 where I sat for a long time.  Once I got over that wall I have been able to put on more miles but they are SLOW miles.  I average something near an eleven minute mile.  Trust me when I say that I don't stop either.  That is continuously running.  I haven't really seen a decrease in my time though.  It has pretty much stayed the same with maybe just a slight decrease.  Nothing to write home about! 

How long have you been running?  Do you have a running past?  The only running I have in my past is the running I did in soccer.   What do you feel is the best training to increase speed? 

What prompted all these questions is that I signed up for my first 5k.  I looked at the previous years results and was shocked to see that literally half the people doing the 5k last year finished with an 8 minute or less pace.  

Also one more quick question.  Do you run or have you ever ran with a running group?  I want to but I don't know it's it's something that I can do regularly.  They meet at various places throughout my area and they run and usually hang out at a local business after.  This would add at least another hour to my workout when I already get the look from Mike when I leave for my hour run.   I just don't want to push it as he is finally used to me going every evening now and usually is the one to ask what time I will be leaving for my run.  I think he secretly hopes I say that I wasn't planning on running anymore...

Oh and I don't have weight to lose to help me out either.  I pretty much am at the lowest weight I should be at.  Here is one of the few pictures out there of my whole body.  Merry Christmas from the Jordan's!

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  1. It sounds like you need a running partner... maybe not a running group due to the added time away from home. I'd offer my service but I'm going to start running here soon and I have no idea if I would be able to run as far as you. But I do think a running partner would be able to push you to run a bit faster without you even thinking about it.