Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hate the Treadmill!

First thing first.  Check out those mad skills in the picture above.  It really looks like my head is part of that gerbil....doesn't it?  Self taught people....self taught.   Oh and that is a picture my husband took of me about 2.3 minutes after I woke up.  I went outside to look at a plant that had a broken branch and I turned around to him with the camera in hand.  Thanks dear! 

Anyway, I feel the need to come clean.  I have been trying to hide my feelings since buying this expensive piece of equipment a month ago. 

I HATE treadmills.  I hate running on them.  I hate the noise they create, I hate how it's so easy to just jump off.  I hate that mine faces the fridge.  I hate how boring they are.  I hate that my kids try to hold conversations with me while I'm running on them.

I would never run on one if I had the choice but I live in Wisconsin people.  We have winter 8 months of the year.  Some of it I will run outside but if the roads are icy, it's not worth the risk.   I am then forced to run on the treadmill and beg and plead with myself to stay on for the ride.

Last night I had to do a treadmill run because we had some big storms coming through right at the time that I was supposed to be running.  I put in every females favorite movie (The Notebook) and ran.  I only did about half of what I wanted to do.  Movie and couldn't keep me going.   I have got to get better at this.  I just have to.  I will.  I promise I will. 

On another note, does anyone here use Endomondo to track your fitness?  I love it!  It logs all your work outs and give you all the statistics you could ask for! 


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha wow! You really look like a hamster. Well done!
    I always find it hard to get the motivation to go ON the treadmill, especially looking outside in terrible weather. But yes, we need to find some form of distraction better than the Notebook. What about a sitcom show, faster moving?

  2. I completely agree! I especially hate that my kids and husband can keep coming up to bug me while running. I mean, I am running after all! They should at least have to chase me to be able to bug me.