Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Miles

Each Monday I will post my miles for the previous week.  This is ballsy on my part because I am also going to put my times.  I am slow guys....s.l.o.w.   I am working on distance, not speed at this point so my times aren't impressive.   I want to let you know that if I start to walk, I turn my Endomondo off and either keep it off or start a new work out as walking.  If I decide to run again, I will start another new work out and start a run.

Please keep in mind I've only been running since July!  Small victories, right?

Monday August 22nd 
      -Fitness Walking 2.86 miles (during the afternoon)
      -Run 2.00 Miles 22m10s (11:05 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking .84 miles

Tuesday August 23rd
      -Run 2.56 Miles 28m45s (11:15 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking .30 cool down

Wednesday August 24th
      -Run 2.02 Miles 22m22s (11:04 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking 2.15 miles

Thursday August 25th

      Day off

Friday August 26th
      -Run 2.35 Miles 26m21s (11:14 min/mile)

This is where I got tired.  I don't know why but my legs were dead this night.  I pushed on though!

      -Fitness Walking 1.18 Miles
      -Run 1.01 Miles 10m54s (10:54 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking 1.08 Miles

Saturday August 27th

    Day off

Sunday August 28th

      -Run 6.00 Miles 1 hour 8m16s (11:29 min/mile)

Total Running Miles = 15.93 Miles
Total Walking Miles = 8.41

Total Miles = 24.34

I wish I had more running miles this week.  It wasn't out of lack of effort.  For some reason two of the days I planned to do 3-4 mile runs, my legs failed me.  They started off tired and that made me burn out more quickly.  Here's to another week of running!!! 

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  1. I started walking daily in July and the friend I met at the track each day was actually running portions of the walk, so I decided to start running too! I run / walk on alternating laps. Today, I was able to run a full 1/4 of a lap into the walking lap. So now it is more like 5/4 run 3/4 walk for each 1/2 mile. My goal is that each week, I increase my run interval. I'm not as fast as you yet, but that likely is because 1/2 my journey is walking. Keep it up!