Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bedroom Remodel

Months and Months ago I mentioned that we were remodeling our bedroom.  It took a long time and was such a huge mess.   Mike and I did it completely ourselves and are proud to say it's as beautiful as we were hoping it would be!!

A little back ground.  We bought our house in 2004.  It's a starter house and had some things we've always wanted to fix up.  We've accomplished many things on our list of things to do but we always pushed our bedroom to the back burner because we can always close our bedroom door if we have guests over.  We wanted the main parts of our home to me warm and inviting first. 

The bedroom itself is a fairly nice size.  We always liked that about it.  The closet on the other hand left us frustrated and annoyed.  It was small and not very functional at all, as you'll see from the pictures.   The carpet.....yes....the carpet is not pretty :)  Here we go!

Before Pictures.  These are very old.  Right after I had Makenzie in 2007.  The computer was no longer in our bedroom when we did the remodel.  I only use a laptop now.

During remodel.  Building the new closets.  We lived in this mess for a long time.

And this is where we are today.  We still need to add art and paint the door and trim.  Aurbi naps in our room during the day so her pack n play is there to stay for now, along with the fan to make white noise.

Looking in from the doorway.

The headboard I made out of a door from the restore for 12.50!

Do you see Aubri?

I painted both dressers as well.

We finally have a bedroom that we love and it feels wonderful.  Yet another thing crossed off the list of things to fix in our fixer up'er.

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  1. Very nice, you guys did a great job & I LOVE the head board! What a great idea!!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!! We are in the midst of renovating and it is so hard but so rewarding!!!!! I LOVE the headboard- such an awesome idea! And the colours- everything is so glamorous. Love love love it! Great job, girl!

  3. very inspiring! and you're right, that original closet had to go! :o)