Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Miles 9-19

I had a pretty decent week running. It cooled down and that always helps. The week started off pretty rough. I felt weak and just down right tired so I wasn't sure this week would be successful in the end. Somehow I pulled out over 20 miles this week. That's mostly thanks to my Sunday night long run though.


-4.16 miles about an 11:00 pace. I stopped and walked some.




-3.45 mile Run @ 9:43 pace
-.75 walk


-3 mile Run @ 10:00 pace




-2.62 mile Run @ 10:04 pace
-1.27 mile walk


- 7 mile run @10:41 pace

Running Miles: 20.25
Walking Miles: 2.02

Total Miles: 22.27

My long run was such an accomplishment for me.  I had no idea if I'd be able to get it done.  It was 6pm and it was raining pretty steady outside.  It was also only about 55 degrees so I knew it would be a bit cold.  I contemplated even doing my long run and then read some stuff online about running outside and remembered that the last time I ran in the rain, I enjoyed it.  Off I went.  I took a new route and it was actually kind of scary.  It was pretty dark out already when I left and I ran into the connecting city to me.   Then I ran over a lake on a trestle trail.  That was a little scary because it was pretty dark and I was running alone over this lake.  It only got worse.  To get back home I had to run on a 1 lane highway with no sidewalks or trails.  I was forced to run on the road in the dark and then run in the muddy and wet shoulder when cars were coming.  It was not a smart idea.  Once I made it back to the city and sidewalks, I got stopped by a train for about 10 minute right at the 4 mile mark.  Talk about a mojo killer.  I was really doubtful that I would even finish the 7 miles at that time.  I'm not very good at stopping and going again.

The train finally passed and I started running again.  I was actually cold at that point because I was completely wet and the temps were probably about 50 degrees now.  It didn't take long to warm up again.  My focus for the entire run was to take it slow and keep my breathing on track.  I haven't listened to music at all this week and I feel like it actually helps because I can listen to myself breathing.  It's also nice to get away from the same old sound of the same songs playing...even Pandora plays many of the same songs!

Once I started running, my Endomondo refused to tell me my lap times and when I would reach a mile.  I just kept running and running and when I finally looked again I was at 5.62 miles.  I was sooo thrilled.  I knew at that point that I would make the 7 miles.  I was feeling pretty good and only had a few moments where my ankle sort of felt weird.  It subsided though and I ran some more.

At the end I made it to 7 miles and I was so happy and actually felt amazing.  I wore compression socks and compression shorts and I'm not sore today.  I think they are to thank for that!  More on those at another time though!  Here is a picture of me after it was all said and done.  I felt great and refreshed thanks to the constant rain!  I'm not as pale as I look in this picture.....

How did your long run go this weekend?

Do you run in the rain?

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  1. It's been a long time since I've run in the rain but with rain in the forecast Monday-Thursday this week I may get to run in the rain.

    No running for me last week. Felt terrible and the hubs was worried about me having a concussion after all my falls. Kicked my week off with a nice, slow run today. Fingers crossed for a long run next weekend!