Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Miles 9-26 and my weekend in review

I had a short week of running.  I took Monday off after my long run on Sunday and then it was such a busy week I only managed to run 3 days.  I thankfully was smart and did my long run on Saturday because I knew I had Katelyn's roller rink party on Sunday.  

   -Rest Day


    -3.21 mile run @ 10:17 pace
    -.70 walk


    -No Work out...Oops


    -3.1 mile run @10:31 pace


    - No work out (had to work)

    -7.5 mile run @ 10:32 pace


    -Rest day

Total Miles = 14.51

On Saturday I am not really sure how far I went.   My Endomondo said 7.5 but I did the same run as last week (7 miles) and wasn't hitting the same mile marks as then.  I mapped my run by hand and it showed me at 8.14 miles instead, however, my pace seems about right for the 7.5 Endomondo had me at.  Sooo basically I ran somewhere between there. 

Weekend in Review

It was a very busy but fun weekend.  On Saturday we went to Octoberfest.  It's a huge event in our area and there are just thousands of people in the streets eating and drinking.  Mike and I checked out the arts and crafts, enjoyed some food we don't normally have and went home.  It's just not the same when you're not drinking!

You can see allllll the people all the way down the street.
When we got home we both took a bit of a nap.  The girls were with Mike's parents and they went to some giant corn maze so we had a very relaxed Saturday afternoon.    When they got home they had a surprise for us! 

They also had a blast so it was a great Saturday all around! 

Sunday was Katelyn's 7th birthday party.  Her actual birthday isn't until Thursday but we had a bunch of kids from her school join us for a roller skating party.  All the kiddos were well behaved and it had a great turn out. 

Little Peanut won the Limbo!
We got home and I didn't leave the couch until bed.  Seriously.  I was TIRED. 

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  1. Great week! sounds like you had a lot of fun and how cute are those girls and their butterfly faces :D

    I miss going to roller parks. and I love hearing about your training, sounds like you are doing better than me@