Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fleet Feet Awesomeness

The weather today is terrible...absolutely freezing, well not technically.  It's 39 degrees currently but the wind is something else.  The windchill is 31 degrees so I am pretty bummed with this increasingly cold weather!   Before I know it, I'm going to be forced to run in a gym or on the treadmill in the kids play room.  Ugh.

It is however the perfect day to skip a run all together.   Tonight is Diva Night and Fleet feet and I am so looking forward to it!  I have heard great things about it and expect to spend more money than I probably should but it's all worth it.  I will be picking my friend up nice and early and we will probably be one of the first there....

Which brings up another slightly embarrassing thing.  The Fleet Feet of the Fox Valley is giving away one of these.  If you do not want to click over, it's this:

 Ummm....AMAZING!    Seriously how awesome of a giveaway is that?!  The embarrassing part about it is that they posted this giveaway on their Facebook wall and I had my entry in within the first half hour.....and I live 15 minutes away.   I was the first one to turn in their entry and they even made a comment about it....
Blushing slightly....perhaps it'll show them how much I truly want to win this thing!   I'm just not sure if my entry was good enough.   Only time will tell!  


  1. Hopefully you win!!! I love that you got a shout out :) lol

  2. I hope that you win!! And by the way, those cakes for one look amazing! I will have to try those sometime. :D

  3. Hope you win! You should make a comment to them at the Diva's night that you were the first entry within the first hour so you should get extra entries. Good luck!

  4. would have done the same thing!!
    i hope you win!! Best of luck :D