Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Handful Bra WINNER!

Congratulations to Mel over at 1000 Words!

She is the winner of the Handful Bra!!!!  

Tonight I ran 3.7 miles in honor of Jess' 37th Birthday this week.  It was in the wind and reminded me of this past weekends 5k.    Not good.   

I will have another giveaway either tomorrow OR Friday so stay tuned! 

If you guys could be awesome, please go here and vote for me for the Brooks Light up the Night contest.   You can vote 10 times each day so feel free to refresh and then click again and again.   Thank you!!  I really could use some warmer reflective running wear since I have very little of it!! 


  1. I was planning on entering that b.c I just got a shirt from relaxreflect :) but I'll vote for you anyway :P

  2. I voted for you multiple times. Hope you win!

  3. I voted! Uh, I am SO not looking forward to winter running - lame. Nice job on the cold run!