Monday, October 24, 2011

I am domesticated and my girls like makeup!

So I had a baking pumpkin sitting around for about a week now and I needed to do something with it.  I  baked the perdy little thing up and took out all the beautiful "meat" and threw it in my food processor.   Instant "Pure Pumpkin" to use in a couple of future pumpkin recipes which makes me excited because I have wanted to make a couple of things this week and haven't been to the store to actually stock up on more canned pumpkin.  Problem solved!  I threw them in the freezer and will take out one bag tomorrow to make something.   Stayed tuned on that!  By the way, one small baking pumpkin made nearly 4 cups of pureed pumpkin. 

We've had sickness in the house all weekend.   Katelyn has had a fever since coming home on Friday and today it finally was gone.   We kept her out of school and other activities to give it the 24 hour rule but we did venture out this evening for a quick Halloween related activity.   The girls got to finally get dressed up in their costumes and get some candy and see some family! 

One quick note.   Makenzie now has a fever.   When we got home from the pumpkin hunt all she wanted to do was whine and cuddle.  I felt her and of course she was warm :(   Poor thing went right to bed.   Check out what her hair looked like after her nap today.   Insane.  She always gets bad hair on one side particularly while she sleeps. 

All Pretty as  Princess!

Katelyn the serious witch!

Makenzie posing.

Katelyn posing again.

My nephew Austin.

My other nephew Logan.  I'm lucky he let me take this.   Usually he isn't so cooperative. 

And my niece Aubri as a Cupcake!  On the go of course!

Full body shot of Katelyn.   Unfortunately I didn't get one of Makenzie.   It will have to wait until Halloween. 


  1. What a beautiful picture of Katelyn, those eyes are so captivating.

  2. beautiful pictures!!! love the costumes...especially the little cupcake! too cute~

  3. are those store bought costumes or did you make them??? I love the little cupcake and your girls look beautiful!