Friday, October 14, 2011

It's not easy being mom and the photographer...

So back when I was in the works of convincing my husband that I NEEDED a digital SLR camera, one of the arguments was that I wouldn't have to pay anyone to take pictures of the kids anymore.  I would be able to do them myself and do just as good if not a better job of taking them.   I truly thought this would be the truth.  The only problem with this theory, and I'm sure every mother with a digital SLR can agree, is that your kids just wont listen to you.   They will give you attitude.  They will cry.   They will refuse to smile because after all, it's just mom taking these pictures.   I have attempted two photo shoots with my girls since having my nifty camera and both have not gone well.  The first one I managed to get some good shots but it lasted about 10 minutes before one was screaming, one was crying and one was having a fit.   You can decide which one was me.  This time I had them all dressed to do fall photos.  I dreamed of this day.   We get there and right away Makenzie is not having it.  She refused to walk 500 yards to where I needed her to be.  SO I start with Katelyn.  She's a ham.   Easy Peasy.  But then I try to take some of Makenzie and it just went down hill.  She would attempt a half smile every once and a while.  Okay so moving on.  I want to get some of them together.  That might be most important.  Well, any time Katelyn moved close to Makenzie, she would scream and yell and cry.  She didn't want Katelyn touching her, breathing on her or even being near her.   Perfect.   I eventually gave up.   Here is what I have to show of it.

Katelyn and Mike waiting...

This girl got some camera time too.

What Makenzie did instead of smiling for me.

The best picture of the day....yes he was posing....

They left me.


  1. I love it!! I love the one of Mike posing :) lol great photoshoot!

  2. These are really good! I like the one of Mike too!

  3. What type of camera do you have? I am in the market for a better camera than I have. I love the quality of pictures your camera took. I have four children so I also understand the challenge of trying to take pictures. I will soon start attempting to take a decent picture for our Christmas cards. Let the fun begin!