Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Miles 10-24 and the long run that wasn't meant to be...

This week has been a good one.   The weather has been pretty ideal for this time of year and I have enjoyed running in it!   Sunday I tried to do my first 10 mile long run.  It was going amazingly until I started seeing lightning.  At this point I was about 4 miles from home and I didn't know exactly what to do so I called Mike.   Our conversation went like this:

Me:  "Hey, am I going to get stormed on?"

Mike: "I don't know?" 

Me: "Well, I see lightning, can you check the radar and tell me how close it is?" 

Mike:  "If you can see lighting doesn't that mean you can get hit by lightning?" 

Me: "..........Well.......can you just check the radar?" 

Mike: "...... (I can hear him opening the computer to check the radar.)  "Well it looks like it's right on top of us so get home." 

Me:  "That's the problem, I am really far from home...I will figure out something....I guess...."

So I ended up running to my parents house which was about 1 mile away.  They didn't expect me to be coming to their door at 7:30pm asking for a ride home.  In the end of it all I didn't get to do my 10 miler and I am so bummed because I know I could have! 


     5.05 mile Run @ 10:48 pace
     .96 cool down walk


      No Work Out


      3.7 mile run @ 10:44 pace
      .42 cool down walk


     No Work Out


     No Work Out


      3.98 miles @ 10:33 pace


     6.5 miles @ 10:33 pace 

Total Miles:  20.61


  1. Ahh, running in storms is scary! Next time you'll kill that ten miler... woo for double digits!

  2. that's crazy about your storm run but good that you could go to your parents! also great miles :D your pace is very consistent!

  3. Story running is TOO SCARY for me. I only run in the sun....haha.

    Get Up & Go

  4. I wish I could run those distances. I'm happy when I do a 3 mile run...can't even imagine a 10 mile run. Good for you for trying - even if the storm got in your way.