Sunday, October 16, 2011

St. Joe's Pantry 5k recap

I had my first real 5k this weekend.   I signed up for it a couple of months back with Mike and have been anxiously waiting for it's arrival.  It's safe to say that I now can not WAIT for the next 5k I do.

The day didn't go very well.   We got there early just so that we could settle in before the race and not feel rushed.   We probably had an hour to burn while we waited for the start.   Things went downhill.  I had stomach aches in the morning and I was worried about them but it got so much worse once we were at the 5k.  I was pretty embarrassed because I was in pretty distinct clothing and I ran to the port-a-potties at least 5 times before the race.  I had horrible diarrhea!!!  Each time I was thinking "How the hell am I going to do this?!"  It was safe to say I was freaking the hell out about this.  3 minutes before the race I made another run to the port-a-potties and said to Mike "What the hell am I going to do?!"  I am pretty sure I annoyed the hell out of him asking that question over and over for an hour and completely freaking the eff out!  My stomach was just rumbling in pain.    So the race starts.  I am doing it but I am in pain the entire time.  I feel weak and yucky and my stomach is making loud gurgling noises with each step.   The race went quickly.  It was over before I knew it but I hated the race because of how I felt.   I had no energy after what I had just been through.   My goal prior to being on the shitter all morning was to finish under 30 minutes.   My goal by the time I started the race was just to finish without crapping my pants.  

This morning I finally got my official time.  It was a portsmouth start so I wasn't exactly sure what it was until they published it but I finished in 30:36.  I am pretty bummed with that because I know that if I hadn't been sick I would have killed my 30 minute goal.    I am also bummed because I saw Mike finished 4 minutes ahead of me and still didn't manage to get a picture of me for the race.  I have NONE.   Not a single one.  I even asked him to please get one picture of me finishing and he didn't.   Maybe it's for the better.  I probably looked like death.

The weather was also bad running weather.   We had winds up to 35 miles per hour the entire time.   Once I hit the trestle trail, the wind was so hard I felt like I was running in place and not able to breath because it was coming straight on.  My bondi band nearly flew straight off my head into Little Lake Butte Des More.  I had to pull it down so far it was almost covering my eyes for it to stay on.   

I'm glad my first 5k is done...


  1. Sorry, you had such a bummer race. There is nothing you could have done to prevent a stomach bug like that, blame the kids. Those little germ carriers will get ya every time. :-)
    Now you know, with out a doubt you will crush your 30min goal at your next race.

  2. Sorry you had such a rough race but props to you for running a great time! I'm trying to get under 30 minutes right now. Hope you are feeling alright today!

  3. There is nothing wrong with 30 min. Be proud and next time take some immodium or pepto before the race:)

  4. So sorry to hear that your first 5k did not go exactly the way you hoped but it sounds like you learned a lot to take with you into your next racing adventure!! you will for sure beat that 30 minute time goal next time!

  5. sorry your first race didn't go as planned. I would HATE to have to poo during a race. I have a great race today post scheduled to post tomorrow morning. I think your time is GREAT considering and it's hardly over your goal :) that' sAWESOME!