Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Miles and the Nutcracker in the Castle

Another week of not that many miles.   I got more than last week though but Mike was to blame this time.   He went deer hunting from Thursday to Sunday so I couldn't run while he was gone.    One huge accomplishment for me is my pace.   I have been a steady 10:30+ for a while now and this week my pace was all under 10 minutes minus a couple for my longer run on Sunday.   I don't know if I will consistently pace myself under 10 but it made me excited this week.  

Monday 11-14

     -4 mile run @ 9:54 pace

Tuesday 11-15

     -3.1 mile run @ 9:38 pace

Wednesday 11-16

     -No Work Out

Thursday 11-17 (got a run in before he left)

     -2.44 miles @ 9:42 pace

Friday 11-18 

     -No Work Out

Saturday 11-19

     -No Work Out

Sunday 11-20

     -5 mile run @ 10:08 pace
     -.58 cool down walk

Total Miles:  15.12 miles

I also worked on a lot of sit ups, mountain climbers, kicks, planking this week to work on my core muscles as well.  

This weekend I was able to take my girls to the Nut Cracker in the Castle.  It takes place at a museum that is just like a castle.   They decorate it for Christmas and tell the story of the Nut Cracker and then let you do a tour through the castle that is decorated for Christmas.   They only let you take pictures before the tour begins and then after so that's all I have.   Also was very low lighting and I didn't want to be the obnoxious person with the flash so I don't have the highest quality photos.  

The Story Teller and Tour Guide.   Katelyn was terrified of him last year...but talked to him this year.

My sister Jill and nephew Logan

Playing in the children's area.

Kenzie's puppet show.

Me and my girls :)


  1. Aww I think the photos came out nice. Great job improving pace! I love to see that happen naturally and it always feels amazing to see the numbers getting better. Woot

  2. i love this post Sarah and I love your photos I love shooting /w out a flash, but you're right it's hard to get the settings just right when shooting kids b/c they move so much :) these are great. I love your sweater/shawl :)

    PS: YAY even faster....and I think this sub 10 min pace should be maintained :) excluding recovery and long runs

  3. I think the backlighting with the Christmas tree looks really pretty, Sarah! who needs a flash?! :)

    Congrats on getting faster!

  4. i love the first photo with the lights in the background. and of course the last one, three beauties!

    and GREAT JOB on the pace!!

  5. omg! these are some of the sweetest photos! and a gorgeous one of you with your girls! and FRIEND! you are definitely getting faster!!! way to go on your running this past week! so excited for you!

  6. How sweet! Love the pictures of you guys!