Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Miles and a Wedding

Lets get right down to it.   Here is what I did this week for running.   On top of the running, I did lots of ab work and arm work this week.  I really need to work on strengthening all areas of my body, not just my legs. 

Monday Nov. 21st

   Run 3 miles @ 9:41 pace

Tuesday Nov. 22nd

    Run 2.5 miles @ 10:00 pace on the treadmill

Wednesday Nov. 23rd

     No Run

Thursday Nov. 24th

    5 mile Turkey Trot @ 10:03 pace

Friday Nov. 25th

     No running

Saturday Nov. 26th

     No running but lots of running around :)

Sunday Nov. 27th  

      5 miles @ 9:56 pace.
      1 mile cool down walk 

Total Miles: 17.00

I also feel like I ate pretty healthy this week.  I ate some salads for lunch and lighter dinners as well.    Thanksgiving I did have two meals but I kept it light and went for more veggies for the lunch. 

We also attended a wedding this weekend.   I was responsible for taking pictures of the girls getting ready but I will not be posting those because I'm sure they would kill me.   Instead you get a lot of pictures of kids because I can't help but take a million pictures of them.   I promise I'm not a pedophile.
What does a blogger do in a bathroom?  Take self portraits of course!
Paige flew up from Louisiana.   She felt betrayed because she is normally my hair stylist and I had my hair cut the day before I saw her.   Sorry Paige!
Melissa, Paige and Paul
So glad to have a child with front teeth again.   She was missing them for close to a year!
My friends niece.   She just stares and stares and is so beautiful. 
My friend Jenny (niece in previous picture) is pregnant.   She's having a girl!  I can't wait!
Melissa again :)  It was her sisters wedding.


  1. Great photos I see mini side bangs???? :D

  2. Great pictures Sarah! The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun!