Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Stuff

I made this scarf.   My MIL gave me this lace skirt that she found knowing I would never wear it.  Instead she said that I should do something with the fabric because apparently she knows me as crafty.   I actually think I don't have my creativity at all.   I get a mental block any time someone asks me to get creative.   Eeks.   I cut the skirt apart and bought some t-shirt material from the craft store and sewed the two together and got this.  Yes my kids play with My Little Pony in the bath and one of them made it into the photo shoot this time.
What is up with the weird glare/flash on my face.  I look creepy.

All morning I've been alone.   I didn't know what to do with myself.   First I thought about going for a run.   Then I thought about how badly I need a hair cut instead so I got into the shower only to realize I really don't feel like going to get a hair cut so I just sat around.

 I made an egg sandwich for breakfast.  

I made my bed.

I brought dirty laundry downstairs. 

I played angry birds.   Judge me if you want.

I called my mom and talked to her about cleanses and poop.  Judge us if you want.  

Anyway I really did nothing productive with my time.   Now my girls are home and I really wish I would have made better choices on how to spend my time this morning. 

In other news I received these a week or so ago from an awesome friend.   She knows who she is.

They are AWESOME.  They work so well.   The reason she had given them to me is because the week prior she had seem my latest "invention."  I cut the tips off of my index finger and thumb on the gloves I was wearing so I could still use my phone without having to take my gloves off.   Genius I though.   She thought it was pathetic.  

A couple other things.

She should really have a computer in her lap.   Not a book.
It doesn't matter that it has never once worked, I still try it every.single.time I make Mac and Cheese. 
We'll end the day with a little brain stimulation since this post was nearly pointless. 


  1. That scarf is really cute, I love it. And clearly you ARE creative, because I would never have thought to make that!

  2. The scarf is awesome. I wish I had skills.

  3. your scarf looks great! and i'm glad i'm not the only one that has days like that!

  4. I thought the scarf looked HORRIBLE .....on your arm but then /w it on you I LOVE it!!!!

    nice review of the gloves you bum :P lol "I love them" lol

  5. Sometimes when you have alone time, all you can think about is doing nothing. Until you realize that it would have been better to do somethings alone. Been there, done that!

    Love the scarf.

  6. That scarf is super cute - and I can so relate to that eCard. :)

  7. How was I not a blog subscriber? I just went hunting for your last entry and figured this out. Weirddd. I love that scarf and your funnies made me laugh. THANKS!

  8. Wow, you might feel pressure, but that was an awesomely creative idea! So cute! I loved my little pony when I was little. I will never judge anyone who plays angry birds. That game is the best - except for Where's my Water? Download it and thank me later.

  9. Oooh, those gloves look so warm! Great job on the scarf!