Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Trot 5 Mile Recap

Yeah yeah...I'm way behind.   I know.   I have been so busy this week and weekend with many festivities that I haven't had the time to blog. 

This year I did my very first Turkey Trot.   I was very excited to do it and even had my sister and niece doing the 2 mile walk so that I had someone to stand around with and talk to before hand.  I was excited and anxious for the race even though I haven't been running as much as I would like lately.  They had packet pick up the night before and the traffic was crazy.   It was a never ending line of traffic going into the university.   Once you got inside it was pretty quick though.   I liked it!    They had a record turn out this year so I knew to arrive early the next day to get a close parking spot.  

That morning I felt good.   I had worked the night before but I ended up to bed at a normal time anyway and got enough sleep.   I ate a Clif Bar for breakfast and had a little bit of water.   I avoided the coffee this time in hope to also avoid the multiple trips to the restroom prior to the race but I was only slightly successful in that attempt (WTF?!).   We lined up to start the race and there were so many people that we were all packed in and basically fighting for a spot to stand.    There was a guy talking in a loud speaker but I couldn't hear a thing they were saying.    A few moments later we were finally seeing movement ahead of us so we started walking, jogging and then running.....only to find out that wasn't the official start.   We were running to our official start spot.  Everyone was laughing because no one around me had heard the guy say there were two starts.   I don't get it but we went with it and then slowly again the people in front of us started to move again and we were really starting now.  

The first mile and a half were packed.   There were so many people that you were forced at the pace of the others around you.   I was okay with it.  I truly went into this race with the mindset that it's Thanksgiving and I'm here to run this race just for me and enjoy running this race.   No pressure.   I saw some pretty young kids doing the 5 mile run and I was surprised.   I just smiled and thought how great it was that they had the motivation to do something like that.   I found myself smiling a lot the first 2 miles of the race.   I just was enjoying people watching and seeing people dodge around others.   Around 2 miles it spread out a good amount and I was able to get my own pace going.   I didn't have my phone to check my pace so I just went on how I was feeling.  

Being that I don't normally run in the morning, I did find myself tired more quickly than normal.   At the 2.5 mile mark they had water and Gatorade to drink and I slowed to drink some.   I was tired and my head felt a bit light headed which is completely typical for me on a morning run.   One problem with this race is that I never saw a single mile marker until the 4 mile marker.   They had signs showing you which way to go but I never saw any with the mile markers.   This annoyed me greatly.   I think they only had the signs on one side of the road (the inside) and I was on the outside the entire race so they had to have been blocked by people.  

Once I saw the mile 4 marker I slowed down and walked for about 15 seconds just to catch my breath so I could go and not stop again.   I had been playing cat and mouse with two other girls the entire race so I finally had it in my head to get ahead of them and never let them back in front of me.   I passed them shortly after my walking break and then ran steady until there was about .10 of a mile left.   It's up hill at this point so I glanced back and saw one of the girls somewhat close so I turned back around and gave it my all to the finish.  

My official time:  50:15 seconds
Pace:  10:03 per mile

I sort of felt like puking after the race so I just kept walking.   I wanted to get away from the hundreds of people.   I got my loot and left with my sister who had a much harder time with the 2 miler.   Apparently she was that parent and had the screaming child the entire race.    I have a 5k to do this weekend and can't wait because it starts at 4:30 pm!


  1. Great job! i did my first turkey trot this year {the 10k} and my time was 52:23 I had a great time and I'm doing another one in two weeks! I can see where people say that races can be addicting {in a great way}

  2. Great job! & a 4:30 pm race? Wow! I've never heard of such a time to start a race.

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  4. great job!! our trot was way crowded too :(

  5. Excellent job. I miss running, I need to get back into is just so cold in the morning when I normally run.

  6. That's an awesome time Sarah!!!!! :D good for you. You ARE getting faster see :P lol

    sometimes I wish we could run together :)

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  8. Great job Sarah! That's an amazing time!