Monday, December 12, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery

Last Friday, Katelyn had some cosmetic surgery.   It made me a bit sad to have her go through it but we knew it was a matter of time before she would ask us for it.  

When she was born, she was born with a small skin tag on her left ear.   It was more noticeable as a baby  because she didn't have hair to cover it.   As she grew older, so did her hair.   Her hair covered it very well but eventually the dreaded days came when kids started to notice it.   We explained to her that is was just like a birth mark.   She was born with it and many people are born with other birth marks as well and it wasn't anything to be ashamed of.    Needless to say,  she still asked us to have it removed.  

Refusing to smile.   Too nervous.

I was sad about it mostly because that's how she was given to me.   Her skin tag had a story as well.   One that I didn't learn until after she was born and her pediatrician asked me one simple questions. "Did all of her ultrasounds come back normal?" 

I paused and told her that they had.   Then I mentioned that at the 20 week ultrasound they had seen a spot of possible fluid in one of her organs  (either kidney or liver, I can't remember anymore!) and that they weren't sure if it was just a reflection so I should have it checked again at a later date.   We weren't worried and when they did another ultrasound at 28 weeks everything looked perfect so we assumed it was just a reflection.  

The pediatrician got a sly smile and said that is exactly what she was wondering.   According to her, they are finding that fetus's that have this come up in their 20 week ultrasound often have a skin tag somewhere around their face as a result.   

How weird.   Just so weird.  

Holding ice on it before the numbing shot.   Also watching Toy Story 3.

Anyway the skin tag is now gone.   She's still embarrassed because she has stitches now and will not be getting them out until next Tuesday.   The procedure went really really well and she didn't even know he was taking it off when he was.  

Is it bad that the entire time I was there, I was tempted to ask the doctor how much new boobs would cost me?  I really honestly wanted to but I could only image Katelyn's jaw would have dropped and she would have been humiliated that I just talked about boobs with a guy we don't know.  


  1. First - oooooh, her said face made me want to hug her! Heaven help me when I have kids - they're going to be wimps with how much I'll hug them if they're unhappy.

    Second - BUWHAHAHAHAHA, I wish you would have asked about the boob job cause I'd LOVE to know. I would also love to have boobs. But I'm guessing that ship has sailed since I've made it to my late twenties with none emerging... sigh...

  2. Poor baby! Glad everything was okay. I got my shirt in today! I love it!

  3. Aww simple procedure or not, that's a lot for a little one to go thru and a lot for mom as well. Glad it went perfectly.

  4. She looks so mad in the first pic! I'm glad everything went well and you so should've asked about the boobs, i'd like to know too! even though i'm not gonna lie, i'd really prefer a reduction!

  5. anywhere btwn 5,000-10,000 depending on the dr....believe me I've asked! lol

    and I have a few moles I want to get rid of but I just never got around to it ...nor had the money for it

    poor girl.

    ps: that skin tag commerical makes me so angry. I always tell Colin "there's nothing wrong /w it and I hate that the kid is like, ew mom what is that"

  6. "Because that was the way she was given to me."

    That has to be the best line I've read all day. Do you ever wonder if our Father in Heaven watches us do all of these things to ourselves and thinks the same thing? That he doesn't want us to change this and that because we were perfect just the way we were before?

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  7. It's so hard to see your kids have to do something that hurts. What a brave little girl.

  8. You are such good parents for being sensitive to the peer pressure of looking different and being prepared to get it fixed when she asked! Although I love your comment about not wanting to change how she was given to you :)

  9. Aww my cousin has a little skin tag in the exact same place! Crazy! Glad everything was super smooth for your bebe.

  10. My son was born with a skin tag on his right ear. It bothered everyone else but me, however, one month after my son was born we went out to eat with my husbands family and his cousins little boy tried to pull the skin tag off his ear. The very next day I called his doctor and had her set up an appointment with an ent. At 4 months old my son went through his first surgery to remove his skin tag. The funny part was that he had no hearing in that ear until after his removal surgery.