Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday afternoon run....and WRIGHT SOCK WINNERS!

I know most of you are probably only reading this to check if you won some awesome socks...but first I'm going to make you look at some pictures of me that aren't very easy to look at.  

I went for my run and left the house about 3pm.   My run started off great.   It was easy, the weather was about 21 degrees with a bit of wind.   The wind wasn't so bad until about mile 2 when I hit the Trestle Trail.   Holy wind.   I nearly blew off the darn thing.   I should have learned from doing the Paul's Pantry 5k there a few months back.   I made it across and had planned on going about another half mile so I could get to 7 miles total for my run but I decided to just turn back around and let the other side of my face get beat by the wind.   My face was pretty much frozen in this picture.  

You can see the Trestle Trail in the background...goes right over a big lake.

It only got worse once I was off the trail.   I no longer had the wind nearly blowing me away but the snow picked up a lot and I was running straight into it.   I could barely keep my eyes open and people were looking at me like I was crazy.   I had a love/hate relationship with this run.   I loved that I was doing it and not giving up.   I didn't like the snow straight up in my face and how the wind and snow really affected my pace.    At the same time the snow was beautiful and I enjoyed running in daylight again where I was able to listen to some music when I wanted to.   I haven't had music on a run in a very long time and it was sort of refreshing to have again.  

After my run, this is what i looked like.   That is snow flying in front of my face...not snot.  I look pretty disgusting in this picture.

Anyway I completed 6 miles.   I'm glad I did it. 

NOW the winners of the Wright Socks.   Everyone needs to email me their name, mailing address and shoe size so I can forward the info to the company.    They will be sending the socks directly to you.   I am going to be more strict on the email to claim your prize.   I will give you more time since the holiday weekend is here.   To claim them, I must hear back from you by 12/27/11 at 8pm.   If  I don't, I will have select another winner instead.  

1.  Jenn @ running with the girls
2.  Carrie @ Prevail, Persist, Endure
3.  Jen @ From FAT to FINISH LINE

4.  Amylee @ Run My Guts Out
5.  Courtney @ Third Time's A Charm
6.  Jenn @
7.  Kim  @  Living Domestically
8.  Sarah  (Comment #27)
9.  M. Adams (Comment #47)
10.  Janice Brown (Comment #61)
11.  Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
12.  Jill R. (Comment #101)
13.  Suz and Allen @ Cows and Lasers and Everything In Between
14.  Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen
15.  Ali Mc @ Running /w Spatulas
16.  Karien @ Running the Race
17.  Trish @ Begin Again and Again and Again...
18.  Kiley @ DAILY VITAMIN F
19.  Amy @ Juice Boxes and Crayolas
20.  Penny @ Pink Hat Runner

Dang that took a while!   I wish EVERYONE could win but I have more giveaways lined up for the near future!  


  1. WAY TO GO on your 6 freezing miles!!! I am okay with running in cold, but totally would have wimped out with that wind! You rock!

  2. Woah! I hate it when the freezing wind is in my face! Were the ice pellets getting you in the eyes? That's the worst. I've learned to wear a capped hat when snow/ice is flying - it kind of keeps the wind/ice/snow out of my eyes. I've been tempted to wear snow googles on runs. Now that would be interesting. Ha!!!

  3. Wow, you're one tough chick! Great run!

  4. Personally, there's no better "look" than that post-run, snowy, frozen look. Aaaaaah......Nice job!

  5. Oh wow, that's sooo cold! Thanks for doing this giveaway! Emailing you now

  6. Wowzers, what a tough run. Way to tough it out.

  7. Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited! I did not get new socks for Christmas, so this is sooo awesome!

    Merry Christmas! (i am blogging while everyone plays with their new toys ~ they are completely ignoring me!)

  8. BTW, you are a BEAST! I probably would have turned right around and gone back in where it was warm!! ;)

  9. Man 6 miles with snow in your face and everything. MAJOR kudos for that one!

  10. Yay! So excited to win!! And congrats on that amazing run!! will contact you thru email :)