Monday, December 19, 2011 my best...

This all started back when Kari over at Running Ricig mentioned how another blogger had met her in person for the first time and had said her voice was lower than she had imagined.   I emailed her about how I am now on a mission to set the "tone" of my blog for my readers by uploading a video of myself so that people can actually hear my voice and know what I sound like.   I told her that my voice is probably also lower than others think it would be and I also sound like a yooper since I am in Wisconsin and all.  

Here's the best video of me.   I'm so awesomely kind to Mike in it.   

 In the video you meet me, Katelyn, my mom (she will hate that youtube paused her in the still shot), my dad and my sister Jill.

I also want to let you know that Mike's pretty infamous for taking terrible videos of everyone.   Close ups of zits, or our mouths or something really unflattering to those on the other side of the camera.    I figured that was probably what he was doing and on top of it, I am not one that is used to being on the camera so for me to have the camera pointed at me for nearly 5 minutes (felt like 10 in my head) is hard.   I tried to keep it cool and thought that if I ignored him, he would get bored and quit.  Apparently not.  

To prove my point a little bit.   I wrote on my sisters wall that I would be uploading a video on my blog of her eating and this is what she wrote. 

So I hope you forgive me for my un-Christmas like attitude.   I also hope that you can now picture the tone in which this blog is written.   If I lose followers after today, I understand.  

Here is a challenge:   Upload your own video.  


  1. meh people tend to make fun of my vids but if I get a classic holiday one like this I sure will! lol

    this video was so epic - it's the bad home movies I have of me when I'm little. Mike should get an award for taking the worst vids ever.

    I love how your mom is like "do you think I don't like it?" - that means she didn't like it ;) lol I LOVE her in the vid.

    You're voice isn't deep at all and I think you look fab! as per usual

  2. Yeah, my favorite part about this is you trying your best to ignore the camera for the first half! I hate being filmed but MAYBE I will consider a Christmas video for the blog.

  3. Haha! It's always so funny what you imagine of others before you meet them :) Although whenever I hear myself recorded, on video or audio, I always think it sounds SO different from how I think I sound! I also get really uncomfortable in front of video cameras!

  4. You are so patient. I would have came across that table and smacked him. This was awesome.
    Happy Holidays!