Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Need some help...and Chicken Legs

When you ask your 4 year old to take a picture of you, expect nothing better than this!   This was the 3rd and best picture she was able to get.   I still love her though.   The reason for the picture is because I got those shorts and I am in love with them.   They are the Northface GTD shorts.   You can get them here.   They feel like air and fit so well.   I am in love.  

So this picture brought up two things in my mind.   I have chicken legs.   I didn't realize they were this bad until I saw this picture.   Second thing...do you see the muscle in that thigh?!  Hell yeah!  I wish it were a clearer picture. 

Don't look at my face.   I had no makeup on.   My hair wasn't done.   I wasn't showered and I woke up not too shortly before this.   Maybe it's good the picture isn't very clear....

Now if you've seen my facebook, I need your help.   Tell me your favorite place to vacation within the continental USA.   I would like it to be warm and some what relaxing with things to do if we get bored.   Our girls will not be with us.   We are also able to fly for this.   It would probably be October-November time frame of next year.  



  1. haha! i LOVE northface. and ummm i can totally see that muscle and it is serious!!!!! you are awesome. some place warm? we always went to florida when I was a kid...cant go wrong with the beach i dont think!

  2. Oh I loooooove anything Northface makes…I might need to check out those shorts! And don't feel bad, I would rather have chicken legs than the short stumps I have! Nice muscle :)

    As for vaca suggestions, I would say Florida or California - I loooooove San Diego, but you could probably get more beachy in Florida. Or, if you aren't opposed to it, you can find REALLY cheap deals for all-inclusives right over the border in Mexico! Let me know if you want more info on the latter!

  3. Chicken legs are so cool. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    October- go to NYC. That's where I would go. It's not warm, but I want to see Central Park in the fall more than anything in the world.

  4. You don't have chicken legs! I love the pacific northwest ala Seattle... Oregon coast. There are ferry boats!