Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We had a wonderful weekend.   I worked a bit but we had Sunday open to do all the things we needed.   We started off by setting the alarm to 7:00 am.   We got up and got all pretty so we could go to church.   After church they had a brunch so we ate brunch and talked to some of the people from the Parish.  Once we were full we set off to get our Christmas tree.   It literally took us 2 minutes to get it.   We got out of the car and saw a nice tree.   We looked a little more and then the girls started to complain that they were cold (um, it's Wisconsin and 40 degrees) which is ridiculous so Mike and I looked at each other and declared it was the one.   The guy selling the trees even joked with us on how quickly we picked our tree.   It's the way we roll. 

Katelyn had a birthday party to go to so while she was at that I headed to Sam's Club with my mom and loaded up on fresh veggies and chicken for the week.   I am set to eat healthy.   I even bought a gigantic container of hummus so no excuses not to get those points for the HBBC challenge.  

Anyway here is our tree. 
All the ornaments, including the ones of my babies first Christmas :)
Do you see me?  My legs look nice. 
Tomorrow I will hopefully write up a recap of the Race for the Light 5k I did Saturday night.   It was a fun one but I had to go solo so no pictures AGAIN.   I swear I really do run. 


  1. Love your christmas tree! the caption to your last photo more. Hot legs, yes!

  2. A very beautiful tree..

  3. your tree is gorgeous! it makes me wish even more that i was decorating for the holidays. but since i'm not going to be home for the holidays and i live alone...i can't justify all the money and effort to put it all up =(

    ps: don't you love how some reflective objects make you look simply amazing?!

  4. your tree is beautiful and I loved the reflection in the ornament - hot legs and all.. how old are your children again Sarah?? I am so envious of your beautiful tree. Mine looks like someone threw it up! lol

  5. Pretty tree! I really wanted to do that 5k - I've heard it's so pretty and supports a great cause... maybe next year!

  6. Your tree looks great! I really like the garland made of little gold balls. It looks great in the pictures!