Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness....or Creepy? And Winner!

This past weekend we got some interesting mail.  Here is a picture of it....minus our address....since I'm so famous that I'm sure to get some creepers if I give it out. 

If you notice, there is no name or signature to this post card.   I sat looking at it for a while.   Looked to make sure it was sent to the right house.   Make sure that I'm not missing some hidden message.   There wasn't anything to give me a clue of who sent it.  

To me, it looks like an older child did it with the circles for the dot of the I's.   It also looks as though a parent was there to help out finishing up the post card as the penmanship does change both in the message and the address part of the post card.  

We may never know who sent this post card but Mike gloated for a bit since he is the one that does most of the yard work and tries hard to keep up with it even when we have busy lives.   I also felt a bit proud that someone noticed our small little house and thought it was nice looking!  

Was this a random act of kindness?   Or a random act of creepiness?   When I told people about it, I got both reactions.   My mom was sure someone was trying to find me.   I'm sorry Mom but I've been found.   They have my address.  Other people thought it was nice that someone took the time to do it.   Others found it just weird.    We liked it...and I think that's all that matters.  

Do you ever do random acts of kindness?   'tis the season. 

A week or so ago I bought the coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks.   I've done it a few times and each time the cashier looks at me oddly and asks "Do you know them?"   Then I tell them I do not and they always ask "So why are you doing it?"   In my honest opinion, they shouldn't be asking me that.   They should get it enough that they know exactly why I'm doing it without further explanation.  My response is easy though "Because I can."

I honestly just hope to make their day.   It might work.   It might not.  I can just hope that it continues and when they can pay it forward they take the opportunity to do so.  

Do you do random acts of kindness?

Do you think the post card is creepy or kind? 

Oh and the Winner of the Go Girl Sports V-Neck is:

Megan @Fit Crafty English Teacher

Please email me to claim your prize! 


  1. love this! i totally would have taken it as a random act of kindness and your starbucks example encouraged me to think more about my actions this holiday season and always. i know that there is more that i can do for others! thank you!

  2. I think it's sweet! Definitely take it as a random act of kindness. I love the Starbucks idea. I'm going to try to do something like this...gotta get creative.

  3. I think it's sweet that someone did that. The only thing creepy is that they didn't leave a name, not even a fake one :)

  4. I don't go to Starbucks but I have heard from several different people that the person in front of them has paid for their coffee so they go on and pay for the next persons. I think the postcard is nice but I would probably get a little creeped out if it happened to me.

  5. @ Patty T, My room mate went to Starbucks just this morning and actually had that happen to her. It was from an EMT on the way to work, Kim was speechless at the drive through window when the barista told her. What a nice gesture - there really is some kind left in the world.

  6. I love random acts of kindness, or any acts of kindness for that matter.

    Take it as a complement! And I think it is a very nice one.

    And the Starbuck's thing? What an odd response from the Starbuck's staff member... it is geting so much press these days I can't believe they had never heard of it. And how nice of you to do it, too.

    Love it!

    And congrats to Fit Crafty English Teacher... I love her blog, too.

  7. I actually did a post on random acts of kindness. You should check it out.

    And i dont think the note is creepy. It definitely looks like a little kids handwriting. I think it was just someone being sweet.

  8. hmm...if your brown/red color scheme is OUTside, then maybe it's just a compliment thing -- if that color scheme they're referring to is INside the house, call the police! ;-)

  9. definitely random kindness! the other day my hubby and i were at cracker barrel and noticed two soldiers eating breakfast. we got our waiter to get their checks and let us pay them anonymously. gave me such an awesome feeling!i love your starbucks idea!

  10. I don't think it's really creepy.. considering it is in a kid's handwriting. Maybe the mom had them come up with nice notes for all the neighbors.

    I love your idea for Starbucks. Someone I know did that for me and some friends at a restaurant once, and it made our night.

    I am so happy to be the giveaway winner!! I will email you asap!

  11. I don't think it is weird. I'm sure your house is cute as a button! I need to do the Starbucks deal, someone did that for me last year and it totally made my week.

  12. Wow the Starbucks thing is so sweet!

    And the note I think is a kind :)

    Gina Taylor

  13. This time of year I prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume random act of kindness over sketchy behavior. Being the recipient of someone paying for me almost brought me to tears and it's great to be able to pay it forward!

  14. That 5K you ran looks like it would have been fun! I love running at night and seeing the lights this month. Sorry you're an angry runner- although it totally made me laugh! At least your honest- it does completely suck some days.

    I need to do more random acts of kindness. I think the postcard is cool! And creepy. Just a little- but it's mostly creepy in a funny way.

  15. LOVE random acts of kindness, try to do them ALL the time whenever I can :D LOVE IT! and I think that post card would be creep IF it obviously wasn't written by a child :)

    I like it, who knows maybe it's a neighbour that made her kids write something nice about everyone in the neighbourhood??