Thursday, December 1, 2011

Swag Bucks.....perfect for Christmas time!

Have you heard about Swag Bucks?  If not, let me tell you about it!   It's a search engine that you use that gives you points.   Over time you turn your points in for awesome swag!   It's very simple and I have personally been using if for just about 2 years now.   Last year I saved all my Swag Bucks up and turned them in for gift cards.   By the end of the year I had $135.00 in extra Christmas money to use for my gifts!  

How it work:  You download their tool bar and it will be at the top of your window each time you open up Internet Explorer, FireFox Etc.   When you need to search something, you put it in the tool bar and it will sometimes give you points!   It's random so you can win any time.   You also get different point amounts for each time you search.   You can also search the web for codes to give you points but I don't do that.  I just use the toolbar personally.   If you "like" Swagbucks on facebook they often give you hints on codes and also sometimes give you codes that will appear right on your wall for you to enter and add more points to your bank.  

If you would like a referral, here is my referral link:

I do get points if you sign up and actually use Swagbucks with that referral link.   

If you have any other questions please ask!   I really do love swagbucks.  It's simple, easy and very straight forward. 


  1. maybe I'll have to sign up for you :P ...maybe!

  2. thanks so much for posting about this! i have seen it pop up on few people's FB before but never knew what it was! sounds great!

  3. i LOVE swagbucks. free amazon money for kindle books is always a plus!!