Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet People and Sweet Abs!

First and foremost, I got one Christmas card in the mail today.   It might have possibly been the best card I received this entire season.   The reason?  It had gifts inside.   If you have checked my facebook, you already know that Kara at Chickbands sent me and my girls each a Chickband.   How seriously sweet is she?!

Secondly, I have been working out a TON.  I mean a lot more than I ever have in my life.   It's all in an effort to stay in the top three of the HBBC to be completely honest.   The plus side to it is this:  I don't have to worry about gaining weight through the holidays.   It goes hand in hand I guess.    I am also eating much healthier than I have in years.   To be completely honest with you, I used to be very food conscious before I met Mike.   My mom misses it because I lived at home and made healthy dinners and had her buy healthy food.   I miss having my mom buy any food I told her to. 

Anyway I'm starting to see some changes to my body that I so proudly showed off to a couple girls at work last night.  First off, I am getting major muscles in my legs that I have never seen before.   My favorite is the one in front of my shin.   I think it's the Tibialis anterior but I could be wrong.  

I am also getting abdominal muscle lines.   Nothing to ever show on this blog, but they are slowly growing and becoming something I am personally proud of.    Yay for small achievements! 

My love handles are still there.   They will be there when I am 98 lbs @ 5 ft. 9 in.  Of course I could never weight 98 lbs. but I'm just giving you an idea that those are never going to be gone.  

I also haven't showered yet today.   It's after 2:00 PM and I am still planning to run so I am not showering until after my run.  I just didn't feel like showering twice today.   Call me dirty.   I like it. 


  1. You really have been doing a great job with HBBC! I need to do better this next month. Oooh abs are always amazing and a great sign that working out is paying off!

  2. you are the opposite of me I've been sucking. I should've signed up for that HBBC ...but alas I just slacked away :D lol

    and YES can't wait for the ab shots arne't posting ;)

  3. you are kicking butt in HBBC (and life in general!)... ABS?!? get it girl!

  4. Great job! Way to kick the Holiday pounds to the curb.