Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cinnamon Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Frosting

I have had these pound cake cupcakes bookmarked since last year when I saw them at .  I thought the name alone sounded delicious.  The pictures made them look even more yummy!  I kept seeing them over and over and knew they would be my first "fall" recipe.  They really are yummy.  The cake is dense, as a pound cake should be.  The frosting is so light and fluffy that they are a wonderful combination.  Please make these....and be sure to share!

I shared with this beautiful little girl and she gobbled up an entire cupcake up all by herself!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How fast are you?

Once upon a time...when you first started running, where you slow too?  Are you a natural athlete that took off from day one with fast times?  Did you train hard to get to where you are?

I am not a natural runner.  I have a hard time running and adding miles each week and I feel like I must put my effort out there 100% to do so.   When I started in July I was running about 1 mile at a time.  Then I would get to 1.5 where I sat for a long time.  Once I got over that wall I have been able to put on more miles but they are SLOW miles.  I average something near an eleven minute mile.  Trust me when I say that I don't stop either.  That is continuously running.  I haven't really seen a decrease in my time though.  It has pretty much stayed the same with maybe just a slight decrease.  Nothing to write home about! 

How long have you been running?  Do you have a running past?  The only running I have in my past is the running I did in soccer.   What do you feel is the best training to increase speed? 

What prompted all these questions is that I signed up for my first 5k.  I looked at the previous years results and was shocked to see that literally half the people doing the 5k last year finished with an 8 minute or less pace.  

Also one more quick question.  Do you run or have you ever ran with a running group?  I want to but I don't know it's it's something that I can do regularly.  They meet at various places throughout my area and they run and usually hang out at a local business after.  This would add at least another hour to my workout when I already get the look from Mike when I leave for my hour run.   I just don't want to push it as he is finally used to me going every evening now and usually is the one to ask what time I will be leaving for my run.  I think he secretly hopes I say that I wasn't planning on running anymore...

Oh and I don't have weight to lose to help me out either.  I pretty much am at the lowest weight I should be at.  Here is one of the few pictures out there of my whole body.  Merry Christmas from the Jordan's!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Giveaway Winner!

You are the winner of the Pillsbury Sweet Moments Giveaway!  

Please contact me through email to claim your prize!!  

If I don't hear back within 24 hours, a new winner will be picked!

Number was picked through

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Miles

Each Monday I will post my miles for the previous week.  This is ballsy on my part because I am also going to put my times.  I am slow guys....s.l.o.w.   I am working on distance, not speed at this point so my times aren't impressive.   I want to let you know that if I start to walk, I turn my Endomondo off and either keep it off or start a new work out as walking.  If I decide to run again, I will start another new work out and start a run.

Please keep in mind I've only been running since July!  Small victories, right?

Monday August 22nd 
      -Fitness Walking 2.86 miles (during the afternoon)
      -Run 2.00 Miles 22m10s (11:05 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking .84 miles

Tuesday August 23rd
      -Run 2.56 Miles 28m45s (11:15 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking .30 cool down

Wednesday August 24th
      -Run 2.02 Miles 22m22s (11:04 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking 2.15 miles

Thursday August 25th

      Day off

Friday August 26th
      -Run 2.35 Miles 26m21s (11:14 min/mile)

This is where I got tired.  I don't know why but my legs were dead this night.  I pushed on though!

      -Fitness Walking 1.18 Miles
      -Run 1.01 Miles 10m54s (10:54 min/mile)
      -Fitness Walking 1.08 Miles

Saturday August 27th

    Day off

Sunday August 28th

      -Run 6.00 Miles 1 hour 8m16s (11:29 min/mile)

Total Running Miles = 15.93 Miles
Total Walking Miles = 8.41

Total Miles = 24.34

I wish I had more running miles this week.  It wasn't out of lack of effort.  For some reason two of the days I planned to do 3-4 mile runs, my legs failed me.  They started off tired and that made me burn out more quickly.  Here's to another week of running!!! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomato Tart

Tomatoes are in season!  I am thrilled.   I love tomatoes in all the forms the come in.  My CSA brought me some this week and I picked up a couple other variety from the farmers market at well with this tart in mind.   This is such an easy dish and looks beautiful! 

Lets talk Hydration

Hello everyone!  Meet Clay Matthews.  He's an amazing Packer player and one of my best friends future husband obsession.  He's known for his beautiful locks and amazing skills on the field.  But lets put Clay aside for a moment and lets talk hydration. 

What do you use to hydration?  What do you use before and after a long run or short run? 

I have just been doing water but with all the refueling drinks out there, I'm wondering if I'm doing it all wrong.   Should I be drinking something other than water to recover from my runs?  What about before hand?  I guess I feel like I don't know if water is best or not and I want your input!  Please help a girl out and tell me your thoughts? 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Banana Cake

Bananas.  I have a slight obsession with them.  They are sort of a dangerous food in my house as I tend to eat 2-3 a day when I have them sitting so pretty on the counter.

Lucky for me, they were on sale for super cheap this week and I stocked up so that I had some left over to make this cake.  Have you ever noticed how insanely cheap bananas always are?   A comedian once said that at the self check outs, no matter what produce he had, he would use the PLU for bananas because they are so cheap.   He may be on to something if you are gutsy enough to put your morals aside for the day....

I kid...I kid..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hate the Treadmill!

First thing first.  Check out those mad skills in the picture above.  It really looks like my head is part of that gerbil....doesn't it?  Self taught people....self taught.   Oh and that is a picture my husband took of me about 2.3 minutes after I woke up.  I went outside to look at a plant that had a broken branch and I turned around to him with the camera in hand.  Thanks dear! 

Anyway, I feel the need to come clean.  I have been trying to hide my feelings since buying this expensive piece of equipment a month ago. 

I HATE treadmills.  I hate running on them.  I hate the noise they create, I hate how it's so easy to just jump off.  I hate that mine faces the fridge.  I hate how boring they are.  I hate that my kids try to hold conversations with me while I'm running on them.

I would never run on one if I had the choice but I live in Wisconsin people.  We have winter 8 months of the year.  Some of it I will run outside but if the roads are icy, it's not worth the risk.   I am then forced to run on the treadmill and beg and plead with myself to stay on for the ride.

Last night I had to do a treadmill run because we had some big storms coming through right at the time that I was supposed to be running.  I put in every females favorite movie (The Notebook) and ran.  I only did about half of what I wanted to do.  Movie and couldn't keep me going.   I have got to get better at this.  I just have to.  I will.  I promise I will. 

On another note, does anyone here use Endomondo to track your fitness?  I love it!  It logs all your work outs and give you all the statistics you could ask for! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Giveaway!

Do you ever have those moments that you want something sweet and satisfying yet something that isn't going to fill you up to the point of guilt and regret?  Pillsbury Sweet Moments are the perfect candidate! 

These little bit sized sweets are perfect for your afternoon snack, after dinner desert and your evening snack.  They are delicious and dangerous to keep around in your house.  I would be lying if I said I didn't go over their recommended serving size while trying these guys out! 

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Disclosure: Pillsbury® Sweet Moments®, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My new obsession

Running with Makenzie at the summer fun run!

I have taken up running!  I am addicted.  I have the fever!  I'm still slow and I can't go very far yet, but I am totally in love.  It is just something for me.  Something for me to improve at and to push myself hard to keep going. 

I don't always love running.  I actually hate it at some points through my run.  When someone asked me if I enjoyed it, I told her that I feel like the entire time I'm running, I either love it or hate and but by the time it's done, I am so amazed at how far I have come.  I am learning to love the burn that is associated with it.  I am learning to take it easy on some days.  I am learning and learning some more.

I've already pushed myself a bit too hard.  I had some pretty bad Achilles pain after my long run on Sunday.  I did about 5.5 miles and by mile 4, my Achilles was sore.  Once I hit mile 5 it hurt and I should have stopped but I pushed on.  It felt so tight after my run and I stretched a ton but the next morning was worse.  I was walking with a good limp!  I took 48 hours off and went back at it slowly.  I did a short run to test it out on Tuesday and stopped as soon as I felt just a tiny bit of the discomfort.  Wednesday was even better.  I ran a little longer and didn't have any discomfort at all.  I'm hoping it was a fluke and that's the end of it!   Anyone else out there runners?  I would love to connect and learn from other runners as well! 
Blurry but her giving me a flower after the run.
 PS  I will be having another give away sometime in the near future!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

German Pancake

Have you had a German pancake before?  They are great.  They are easy and delicious and can be made as a sweet or a savory dish.  If you have a pan with some drippings left after making dinner, throw the batter into the dish and bake.  It will be deliciously savory.  If you would rather make it as a sweet dish, follow the instructions in this recipe.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vanilla Cinnamon Pops

Need something to cool you off this summer?  We did.  It's been crazy hot this year with a side of humidity to top it off.  It's been keeping us down and our electricity bill up.  

Thankfully for us in the north, not to be mistaken for the south, we are getting a small break from the humidity.  If you haven't experienced intense humidity before, don't.  It's not worth your time. 

Summer break it winding down and I'm looking forward to school starting back up.  The kids are fighting all day long and I'm losing my marbles.   I've taken up running the past month and have enjoyed my 15-45 minutes of quietness that running allows.  Each night I run a bit longer just to ensure that I get "me" time.  

If you'd like a little "me" time make these little beauties and don't tell your significant other or kids about them.  Then at night when everyone is sleeping, you can pull one out to enjoy just for yourself.