Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Made Chicken Stock (in the slow cooker)

One of the things I'm trying to improve on is using less canned goods in my household.   They are easy to use and overly accessible so it's easy to go to them whenever we are making dinner.   Canned goods also contain extra sodium that is used to preserve.   Having too much salt is of course something many of us are guilty of.  
One of the easiest ways to use less canned goods is to eat fresh.   Use fresh fruit or fresh vegetables.  Steam your vegetables to make them into a side dish at dinner time.   You can add a little salt but at least this way you are able to control how much salt you are adding.

The same thing goes for chicken stock.   It's so very easy to go buy a large can of chicken broth or stock and use that.   You can get the low sodium versions to reduce the sodium but it's still processed to stay on the shelf for longer periods of time.   If everyone knew how easy it is to make your own chicken stock, I think more people would do it.   It does take time and some planning but the effort is well worth it.   You will fall in love with the flavor of your home made stock.   You can also tweak it to add whichever herbs and spices you and your family particularly love!  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Go Girl Sports V-Neck Vortex Shirt Giveaway!

Looking for an awesome shirt to giveaway this holiday season to the runner in your life?  Or how about keeping it for yourself?   Go Girl Sports was generous enough to let me give away one of their awesome V-Neck Vortex Shirts in the color and size of your liking.  I love the look of this shirt and wish I had one myself.   I may have to purchase myself a Christmas gift this year!  

Please visit Go Sports Wear and take a look around.   You are sure to find many things you will love there!  

To enter the Giveaway:

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Please leave a separate comment for each of the entries to be counted.   Contest will remain open until 8pm CST on December 5th. 

Oh yeah...

I got bangs...

Thank you for the suggestions! 

Maybe someday I'll put some Windex on the mirror before snapping pictures.   Today's note from Katelyn "I love you." was all over it :) 

Monday Miles and a Wedding

Lets get right down to it.   Here is what I did this week for running.   On top of the running, I did lots of ab work and arm work this week.  I really need to work on strengthening all areas of my body, not just my legs. 

Monday Nov. 21st

   Run 3 miles @ 9:41 pace

Tuesday Nov. 22nd

    Run 2.5 miles @ 10:00 pace on the treadmill

Wednesday Nov. 23rd

     No Run

Thursday Nov. 24th

    5 mile Turkey Trot @ 10:03 pace

Friday Nov. 25th

     No running

Saturday Nov. 26th

     No running but lots of running around :)

Sunday Nov. 27th  

      5 miles @ 9:56 pace.
      1 mile cool down walk 

Total Miles: 17.00

I also feel like I ate pretty healthy this week.  I ate some salads for lunch and lighter dinners as well.    Thanksgiving I did have two meals but I kept it light and went for more veggies for the lunch. 

We also attended a wedding this weekend.   I was responsible for taking pictures of the girls getting ready but I will not be posting those because I'm sure they would kill me.   Instead you get a lot of pictures of kids because I can't help but take a million pictures of them.   I promise I'm not a pedophile.
What does a blogger do in a bathroom?  Take self portraits of course!
Paige flew up from Louisiana.   She felt betrayed because she is normally my hair stylist and I had my hair cut the day before I saw her.   Sorry Paige!
Melissa, Paige and Paul
So glad to have a child with front teeth again.   She was missing them for close to a year!
My friends niece.   She just stares and stares and is so beautiful. 
My friend Jenny (niece in previous picture) is pregnant.   She's having a girl!  I can't wait!
Melissa again :)  It was her sisters wedding.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Trot 5 Mile Recap

Yeah yeah...I'm way behind.   I know.   I have been so busy this week and weekend with many festivities that I haven't had the time to blog. 

This year I did my very first Turkey Trot.   I was very excited to do it and even had my sister and niece doing the 2 mile walk so that I had someone to stand around with and talk to before hand.  I was excited and anxious for the race even though I haven't been running as much as I would like lately.  They had packet pick up the night before and the traffic was crazy.   It was a never ending line of traffic going into the university.   Once you got inside it was pretty quick though.   I liked it!    They had a record turn out this year so I knew to arrive early the next day to get a close parking spot.  

That morning I felt good.   I had worked the night before but I ended up to bed at a normal time anyway and got enough sleep.   I ate a Clif Bar for breakfast and had a little bit of water.   I avoided the coffee this time in hope to also avoid the multiple trips to the restroom prior to the race but I was only slightly successful in that attempt (WTF?!).   We lined up to start the race and there were so many people that we were all packed in and basically fighting for a spot to stand.    There was a guy talking in a loud speaker but I couldn't hear a thing they were saying.    A few moments later we were finally seeing movement ahead of us so we started walking, jogging and then running.....only to find out that wasn't the official start.   We were running to our official start spot.  Everyone was laughing because no one around me had heard the guy say there were two starts.   I don't get it but we went with it and then slowly again the people in front of us started to move again and we were really starting now.  

The first mile and a half were packed.   There were so many people that you were forced at the pace of the others around you.   I was okay with it.  I truly went into this race with the mindset that it's Thanksgiving and I'm here to run this race just for me and enjoy running this race.   No pressure.   I saw some pretty young kids doing the 5 mile run and I was surprised.   I just smiled and thought how great it was that they had the motivation to do something like that.   I found myself smiling a lot the first 2 miles of the race.   I just was enjoying people watching and seeing people dodge around others.   Around 2 miles it spread out a good amount and I was able to get my own pace going.   I didn't have my phone to check my pace so I just went on how I was feeling.  

Being that I don't normally run in the morning, I did find myself tired more quickly than normal.   At the 2.5 mile mark they had water and Gatorade to drink and I slowed to drink some.   I was tired and my head felt a bit light headed which is completely typical for me on a morning run.   One problem with this race is that I never saw a single mile marker until the 4 mile marker.   They had signs showing you which way to go but I never saw any with the mile markers.   This annoyed me greatly.   I think they only had the signs on one side of the road (the inside) and I was on the outside the entire race so they had to have been blocked by people.  

Once I saw the mile 4 marker I slowed down and walked for about 15 seconds just to catch my breath so I could go and not stop again.   I had been playing cat and mouse with two other girls the entire race so I finally had it in my head to get ahead of them and never let them back in front of me.   I passed them shortly after my walking break and then ran steady until there was about .10 of a mile left.   It's up hill at this point so I glanced back and saw one of the girls somewhat close so I turned back around and gave it my all to the finish.  

My official time:  50:15 seconds
Pace:  10:03 per mile

I sort of felt like puking after the race so I just kept walking.   I wanted to get away from the hundreds of people.   I got my loot and left with my sister who had a much harder time with the 2 miler.   Apparently she was that parent and had the screaming child the entire race.    I have a 5k to do this weekend and can't wait because it starts at 4:30 pm!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What should I do with my hair?

I haven't had my hair cut since January.   Yes...January as in almost a full year ago.   I've been contemplating for a while what to do with it and have sort of enjoyed growing it out for the time being.   But now I just simply need it.   My ends are gross and my hair snarls up so easily that something needs to be done one way or the other.   I'm hoping you will all help me here.  

This is what I look like on a normal day that I have my hair down.  

The problem with this is I rarely have it down.   I usually at some point end up putting it back because I find it annoying to always have hair falling into my face when doing the dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning the floors.  

SO then I end up with something like this.

I realize my mirror always looks dirty.   It's because I have the need to wipe it down with a towel after my shower and then it dries that way.   Martha wouldn't be impressed. 

 I'm thinking of getting a couple inches off but keeping most of the length but the biggest difference would be BANGS.   I'm actually considering getting side sweeping bangs.   Mind you, I haven't had bangs since 1994.    They would look something like this.

Can you see me through the watermarks? 

Now is your chance to tell me what to do.  I can't promise I'll take your advice but I really would appreciate it.   Do I make a jump for something totally different or continue to look like this?

SPIband Winner! Selected Jenn!  From Jenn's Andventures


Please email me your address and I'll get it out to you soon!!!

Another Giveaway coming up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slowcooker Pork Chops

Yeah that's not the most attractive picture.   It gets dark here around 4:30 and when dinner is later than that, I don't know how else to take pictures of my meals.  A flash is a must during this time of year.   This is super easy and yummy.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Miles and the Nutcracker in the Castle

Another week of not that many miles.   I got more than last week though but Mike was to blame this time.   He went deer hunting from Thursday to Sunday so I couldn't run while he was gone.    One huge accomplishment for me is my pace.   I have been a steady 10:30+ for a while now and this week my pace was all under 10 minutes minus a couple for my longer run on Sunday.   I don't know if I will consistently pace myself under 10 but it made me excited this week.  

Monday 11-14

     -4 mile run @ 9:54 pace

Tuesday 11-15

     -3.1 mile run @ 9:38 pace

Wednesday 11-16

     -No Work Out

Thursday 11-17 (got a run in before he left)

     -2.44 miles @ 9:42 pace

Friday 11-18 

     -No Work Out

Saturday 11-19

     -No Work Out

Sunday 11-20

     -5 mile run @ 10:08 pace
     -.58 cool down walk

Total Miles:  15.12 miles

I also worked on a lot of sit ups, mountain climbers, kicks, planking this week to work on my core muscles as well.  

This weekend I was able to take my girls to the Nut Cracker in the Castle.  It takes place at a museum that is just like a castle.   They decorate it for Christmas and tell the story of the Nut Cracker and then let you do a tour through the castle that is decorated for Christmas.   They only let you take pictures before the tour begins and then after so that's all I have.   Also was very low lighting and I didn't want to be the obnoxious person with the flash so I don't have the highest quality photos.  

The Story Teller and Tour Guide.   Katelyn was terrified of him last year...but talked to him this year.

My sister Jill and nephew Logan

Playing in the children's area.

Kenzie's puppet show.

Me and my girls :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Stuff

I made this scarf.   My MIL gave me this lace skirt that she found knowing I would never wear it.  Instead she said that I should do something with the fabric because apparently she knows me as crafty.   I actually think I don't have my creativity at all.   I get a mental block any time someone asks me to get creative.   Eeks.   I cut the skirt apart and bought some t-shirt material from the craft store and sewed the two together and got this.  Yes my kids play with My Little Pony in the bath and one of them made it into the photo shoot this time.
What is up with the weird glare/flash on my face.  I look creepy.

All morning I've been alone.   I didn't know what to do with myself.   First I thought about going for a run.   Then I thought about how badly I need a hair cut instead so I got into the shower only to realize I really don't feel like going to get a hair cut so I just sat around.

 I made an egg sandwich for breakfast.  

I made my bed.

I brought dirty laundry downstairs. 

I played angry birds.   Judge me if you want.

I called my mom and talked to her about cleanses and poop.  Judge us if you want.  

Anyway I really did nothing productive with my time.   Now my girls are home and I really wish I would have made better choices on how to spend my time this morning. 

In other news I received these a week or so ago from an awesome friend.   She knows who she is.

They are AWESOME.  They work so well.   The reason she had given them to me is because the week prior she had seem my latest "invention."  I cut the tips off of my index finger and thumb on the gloves I was wearing so I could still use my phone without having to take my gloves off.   Genius I though.   She thought it was pathetic.  

A couple other things.

She should really have a computer in her lap.   Not a book.
It doesn't matter that it has never once worked, I still try it every.single.time I make Mac and Cheese. 
We'll end the day with a little brain stimulation since this post was nearly pointless. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Tommie Copper Winner!

The previous winner didn't get back to me within 48 hours so picked me a new winner!   

Please email me within 48 hours Julia to claim your prize!! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

French Bread Rolls

I've had this recipe in my bookmarks for a very long time.  Yesterday I was craving a bread recipe so I pulled it up on the screen and got going.   It really is an easy recipe and doesn't take that much time considering you do need to let it rise a couple of times.   I messed up and forgot to spray the plastic wrap with non-stick cooking  spray on the last rise so they deflated a bit when I took it off.    Otherwise they would have been beautifully rounded.   The result of these is just like french bread.   Crunchy on the outside but very soft on the inside.   I'm making chicken salad for lunch today just so I can have more of these.   Yum.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spiband Giveaway and a winner!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a SPIband.   I have tried similar products in the past but what I really liked about the SPIband is how the fit my small wrist better than the other similar products.   It actually isn't lose once I put items in it.  Nothing worse than being on a run and having the arm band shaking around as a distraction.   There is none of that with the SPIband!   They are made with a stretchy material so they can fit most sized wrists.   They retail for $9.95 so they are a lost cost solution for when you need somewhere to store your keys when on a run. 

They were great enough to send me two.  One for me and one to giveaway to one of my readers!     To enter is going to be very easy.  

*Go and like SPIbelt on facebook here.

*Leave me a comment telling me what your ALL TIME favorite food is!   That's it!!! will select the winner.  

Contest remains open until November 22nd at 8pm CST. 

As for the winner of the Tommie Copper sleeves. selected:

Khanh Pham

Please email me within 48 hours or another winner will be selected!   

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting read right.   More pumpkin.   When will I get over this pumpkin need?  Probably never but I do plan on still venturing out once and a while.  I kid.  It should slow down after this but I have said that before so who the heck knows with me anymore.   This cake is amazing.   It's light and fluffy and full of flavor.  The cream cheese frosting compliments this cake so well also.   Both of my sisters loved it and one sister even had the chance to eat the lovely piece of cake in this picture.   She asked me how I cut such perfect pieces.   I had to be honest and tell her I just cut.    I don't do anything special and I just hope for the best.   Take that secret with you.   It has more value than gold. 

Monday Miles

This week was crap for running.   It just didn't seem to work out well.  I will say though, my muscles and calves have really felt great this week and so maybe it was needed as I was always running on sore muscles. 

On another note....what the eff....seriously what.the.eff

And if you can't see it in the last picture, maybe this one will help.
Last week they already decorated down town for Christmas!  Isn't that a little early??  What you can't see in the pictures is all the lights on every tree and there were several snowflakes attached to the light poles.   I just couldn't believe it when I drove downtown that day.  Also note the really crappy weather.  It was cold too...the next day we got like 4 inches of snow already.   Sick I tell you.   Which brings us back to the mileage for the week and why there was a lack of them.    This week is looking like better running weather though so lets hope.   Mike will be leaving late Thursday to go deer hunting though and that means I wont get a Sunday long run in for another week since he wont be home until Sunday night. 

Monday 11-7

     - No Running

Tuesday 11-8

     - 3.5 miles at 11:09 pace.   This was on the treadmill and I hate the treadmill.   HATE.

Wednesday 11-9
     -2 miles at 10:31 pace.   This was also on the treadmill.   Gross I tell ya. 

Thursday 11-10

     - No running

Friday 11-11

     - No running

Saturday 11-12

      - 4 mile run at 10:48 pace.   Finally outside.  Over dressed and was really hot the whole run. 

Sunday 11-13
     - No Running.   Had all the intentions but then went shopping and that took way too long so I ran out of time. 

Total Miles = 9.5  

Please remember to enter my Tommie Copper Giveaway!   Those things are awesome!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day!

 Tonight I get to go on a date with Mike.  There will be no running today.  Just time to spend with him and remember 10 years ago when he signed that dotted line and signed his life away unselfishly.  

Any military wife or husband can tell you that the day they return from nearly a year long deployment will be one of the best days of your life.   That memory will never leave you and whenever you fight or can't see eye to eye you just need to remember that day when you were were completely filled with excitement, joy and anxiety.   

Waiting for that first touch.

 And not wanting to let go...

 Ever again....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For your enjoyment...

Best Prank Ever
I want to date him. makes me cry daily.

If you don't know who this is...figure it out stat and then enjoy!

I now keep a note pad in my car....

Mike's a pro at this.