Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A birthday and a sore Butt

Sorry I've been sort of MIA this week. I am somewhat on vacation mode in my head because I celebrated my 28th birthday this weekend.    I don't have too much to post about either.   For my birthday we went out to dinner with just the family.   It was a group of 6 adults and 5 kids and when we got there they said it would take about 35 minutes for a table.   An hour later the kids have had it and we are all hungry and not sure when we are ever going to eat.   They finally came up to us and said that they have been waiting for a table to open for a while but the people have been done eating for a long time and just weren't leaving.   They asked if we wouldn't mind sitting at two tables right next to each other instead.   If we willing to do this, they would buy us a couple of appetizers just for the hassle.   We said it was fine... but really we had no choice.   The kids were screaming and crying and we still had to make it through dinner.   Ugh.  

Waiting Waiting Waiting.  

We get to the table and order and the kids are still pretty crabby.   Once they got their food they all seemed to calm down and enjoy their food and just chill.   Hallelujah.   The other table was so lucky.   At one large table it was me, my sisters and all the kids.   Our view of the lucky table.

My mom said our table looked so peaceful and the kids looked like they were behaving so well.   This was so far from the truth.  I think each kid cried while we were waiting for food.   Kenzie started walking around the restaurant without a shoe on.   My children fought about who gets to sit next to me.   You get the idea.  

After dinner I went out for drinks with some friends, my sister Staci and my parents for a little bit.   Basically though it was a pretty weird birthday for me.   The next day was even weirder.   It was my actual birthday and there was no cake.   There was Happy Birthday to be sung.   I woke up to a messy house and no presents and it was some what depressing.   Getting old sucks.   I did manage to go shopping and get some new gym clothes though so it wasn't completely a failure of a day. 

This week I have been at the gym to take my first classes.   On Monday I took a group spin class and it was good.   I took the advice of Kim and got some padded shorts but to be butt bones STILL hurt.   It isn't bad...but it's like the actual area of where my butt bones are that hurt.  I also got a side stitch in the class and it was BAD.   I kept going through it and as soon as I got off the bike and walked around, it went away.   I would have been too humiliated if I had quit and walked out because of a side stitch.   I was worried I may actually puke from the pain of it though.   That would have been even more embarrassing.   It got so bad I even located the garbage can in the room.  

I will be back next Monday to take the class again though.  I really hope I don't get another side stitch and I am able to put out my full effort! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you have a wonderul year.

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry it was a bit of a let down. What made the day after weirder?
    Glad you were able to make it thru the class. I'm sure next week will be even better!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Sarah! I hope you have a great week!

  4. Happy Belated and I LOVE YOUR BANGS :) you are so hot...that's it Hotel room in Chicago it is ;) lol

  5. happy birthday!! what day was it? mine was the 6th! i know what you mean though, getting older stinks. you don't wake up to presents and breakfast and cake.:(

  6. Happy birthday!!
    Way to tough it out.
    The sore bottom gets better the more you ride, promise.
    Hope you have a great year!

  7. Happy birthday to you! Moms never get great celebrations. My bday always gets shoved under the rug as well. I've started to just make myself a cake every year and not share with anyone. HA. Hope you have a better weekend.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah!!! Geez that dinner sounds like it was crazy! Glad you all made it out alive! Poor kids...can't really blame them. They probably don't know what else to do when they are hungry!!

    I am so happy you went to spin! Trust me, you will get used to the pain. The first few times will hurt but then you won't even feel a thing. I wanted to die the first time I did it but then fell so in love that I became addicted and actually got my certification to teach!!


  9. Happy late birthday!! Sorry I missed it but there's nothing wrong with stretching the celebrations! :)