Monday, January 30, 2012

Blood, Babies and Expressions

I'll leave the blood for last.   If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to read down to the bottom of this post.   I am warning you there is a little bit of blood involved. 

Babies.   My friend is having a baby.   It will be her first and it's about time some of my friends from high school join in on the life of being a parent.   The life of true restriction.   The life of true love. 

I've been friends with Jenny since the time I became friends with Mike.  It's pretty much how we became friends in the first place.  Mike and Jenny were friends.   We all worked at Shopko together and would hang out.   Mike was best friends with Jeremy, who is Jenny's husband.   Jenny and I naturally adopted each other when she started dating Jeremy and I started dating Mike. 

Then in comes Mel.   Jeremy's sister.   Now Mel is married to Jeremy's current best friend Paul.   Paul was my friend forever.    He used to call me "chomp chomp" in middle school because apparently I looked like the girl in Brave Heart that bit off some guys ear.   I've never seen the movie.   Paul and I once had drivers ed together.   We were in the same car together with one teacher teaching us how to drive.   Paul was asked on that drive "What kind of drugs are you on!?" by the teacher.   The teacher was totally serious.   I was scared for Paul. 

Did you get that? 

Here we are today at Jen's baby shower.

Look at the cute idea!  They took Jen's cravings and made it into a table of food we could eat!

Oh and Hailee and I did one more "Expressions" for you this weekend while we were at work.    Can you guess what it is?

Notice the pizza.   This is 12am.   I am wearing a jacket at work because I'm so cold and cool all at the same time.   (the expression was "You find a big hair in your food."   No hair was found in the pizza.) 

Now onto the blood.   Stop reading if you want.   I understand. 

Here's the back story.   Yesterday when I was getting ready, I was determined to wear a certain outfit.   I haven't worn it for a while and I knew it should be in my closet since I do laundry constantly.   It wasn't there so I am running around my house nearly naked trying to find this shirt.   I had to go to the basement to try to find it since I couldn't find it in my closet and while I was down there I tripped over a laundry basket and my pinkie toe got stuck in the basket.   It hurt like a mother and I took a quick look at it and went on with my life.   I went upstairs and realized my foot felt wet.   I looked at it and it was covered in blood.   I wiped it down and realized I nearly tore my pinkie toe off.   It was tore down to stuff I don't like looking at under the thick layer of skin on my feet.    I forced Mike to look at it and he told me that if I needed stitches to just go.   I didn't need stitches.   Just a stiff drink.  

By the way...I found that shirt in my closet after all of that.

The picture does no justice.   It was tore so deep that it made me feel sick even.   I am not weak when it comes to stuff like that. 


  1. EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your pinkie toes is ok! that's the one that goes "Wee wee wee" you just cant lose it....don't bring a carrot by accident (friends episode)

    greta baby shower, I can't believe your work is that cold and if I found a hair in my pizza I'd look a lot more grossed out ;P

  2. Oh gosh...that pinky did made me feel a little queasy!! I hope it heals up fast! So cool that you are still so close with your friends from way back :)

  3. Awww, yikes!! What a freak accident, I hope that it heals quickly.

  4. ahhhhh!!!!! i definitely got the chills looking at your toe!!!! hope that heals quickly! love all the fun pics! the baby shower looks like it was perfect!

  5. Oh no, your toe looks like it hurts so bad. I hope it gets better soon!

  6. What am i chopped liver :)