Thursday, January 5, 2012

A few things...

I have managed to use my gym membership 3 days in a row now.   I know I'm one of those annoying new year new members to those that see me there but technically I am not.   Like I previously mentioned, I actually have had my membership since August and just failed to actually use it.    I am liking the feeling I have working out there.   I have more options than just running.    I feel like I'm with like minded people for the most part.   Not the muscle heads that stare me down each time I am walking in though.   They just creep me out.  

Yesterday I had a thought.   Why am I driving to the gym to work out?  It seems weird...unless of course you live too far to drive there or the weather is crap.   I get it then, but I usually want to do more than 3 miles on their treadmill and yet there is the sign I am forced to look at constantly:  "Please limit your workout to 30 minutes at busy times."    The time I am there is definitely busy.   It's the after work rush and you're lucky to walk in and get a treadmill right away.   With all of this in mind, I decided to get dressed at home, throw my Brooks winter running pants on top, and my  Brooks winter running jacket on and actually run to the gym.   I knew this meant I would also have to run back home so I kept this in mind during my workout to ensure I'd have enough energy to do so.   It worked.  

Today Wisconsin seems to be getting some warmer weather than we are used to in January.    This bums me out because there is no way I am going to have a chance to run outside in it.   We have an appointment to refinance our mortgage with the insanely low rates and then I have to go straight from there to work where I will continue to do sit-ups, burpees, lunges etc with my work wife between lifting 20 lbs. in drinks over and over.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer as well so I am going to have to figure out a time to get a run in since I am also working tomorrow night.  

I realize this post sort of had no point.   I'm sorry about that.   I am hoping to make something really yummy and unhealthy within the next day or so.   I have been craving a cupcake like crazy and the only way to get rid of that thought is to make them.   Eat them.   Then get rid of them so I don't over due it. 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I love the randomocity of your post. It cracked me up cause that is how my brain is functioning today. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Good call on running to the gym! I always run outside unless the weather is atrocious (as in WINDY), or if I want to do speed work on the indoor track.

  3. Running to the gym is definitely a good call. The last gym I belonged to was like 30 miles away so that never happened for me...

  4. I LOVE that you ran to and from the gym....YOU GO GIRL!!!!! and I liked this post. I liked that it was just you rambling....I love rambling (as you know) both reading and writing lol

  5. i have been really surprised to find over the last year how fit I am getting from at home workouts...turns out a few weights and lot of body weight exercises do me good!

    now i do live in FL so the whole outdoor running is a lot easier

  6. so frustrating about the 30 minute time limit!!! i hope you can find a good time to run outdoors soon so you can enjoy the warmer weather :) and i am so looking forward to this recipe. i joined a challenge where I cant have treats except on 1 cheat day per week and i am thinking my cheat is going to need to be EPIC every week to make up for lost time ;)

  7. That is a great idea. When I lived in New Jersey, the gym was close enough that my roommate and I would walk there. It was a great way to get a little more workout in, a great warm-up/cool down too - so you didn't just stretch and sit in a car.