Monday, January 16, 2012

Times are a changin'

A lot has been going on lately.   Life has been busy but in a good busy kind of way.      Mike is starting school this week.   That means that two nights a week he will be gone.   He also will be switching positions at his work and his hours are changing drastically.   Right now he's working straight days.   When he switches, it'll be 12 hour days and it will be a southern swing where he's on 3 days, off 4 days,  on 4 days, off 3 days etc etc.    This includes weekends so I will be probably crying most weekends when I don't get my usual break.   This does however mean that I will be able to hit up the gym in the morning on the days that he isn't working.   That will be pretty awesome because I'm pretty sure I am in love with the gym.   Seriously. 

Another thing happened last week.   I realized I'm an freak.   Or at least I look like on in my aerobic classes.   I was doing cardio kickboxing and I noticed that when I looked in the mirror at myself,  all I saw was legs.  Lots and lots of leg.   I felt like I was really gangly and had really long arms and legs.    Then to make me feel better, my friend Tiffany told me after class that every time she looked in the mirror at me, all she saw was my legs.   Seriously that happened.  

I have taken two classes today and I still have spin to do tonight.   Shoot me now. Hopefully I will still be alive tomorrow to post about it.  You spin me right round baby right round. 


  1. Three classes in one day? Insanity. You are way too hardcore for me.

  2. How many calories do you find that you burn in a spin class? Erica

  3. Wow! Bummer on the schedule changes, but seriously how did you do three classes in one day. Someone would have had to carry me home.

  4. two words (which is rare, so take heed) TOO MUCH