Monday, February 13, 2012

I am no longer "sick and pukey"

So here we go.   The longest and most pictures of possibly any weekend post I will ever have.   We will start with Friday.   I got up and went to the gym super early for me.   If you know anything about me, my legs hate the morning and usually don't function very well.  

I had to get in 4 miles to keep with my half marathon training and I really wasn't looking forward to it.   I put Kenzie in the daycare there and got to it.   Forty minutes later I was done and happy and it wasn't hard at all on my legs.   I just made sure to take it slow and easy.   Here's what happened though.   Last week I showed you a picture of the view while on the treadmill.   It's of the gymnasium downstairs.   At this time of the morning, no one is playing basket ball so the lights are off.   Because of this, you see yourself running as a reflection in the glass.   I have never watched myself run before and because of that I was mesmerized by my feet.   Like I stared at them nearly the whole time I ran because I had a hard time believing that's what my feet did when I ran.   I have been working on a new running style and this was wonderful in seeing if I was actually doing it right. 

On Saturday, I went shopping with my mom.   We went to Kohls where they were basically handing their clothes to us and saying "Take this home for free!"   Not exactly but 80-85% off of the regular price and then an additional 40% off of that price.   On top of that, I also had a 20% off coupon so I literally spend hours at Kohls.   Katelyn was awesome and got some new shoes and clothes as well.  I ended up spending about $150.00 but I got sweaters, sweats, tons of shoes, tons of clothes for my nephews, a fleece for Aubri, 5 pairs of shoes for my girls and clothes for them as well.   It was crazy.   One problem though.   You see the beast come out in women that want what you are looking at.   They slowly creep in and take over. 

I arranged for my mom to take the girls for a sleep over on Saturday night so Mike, my sister and I went to dinner at Senior Tequila's.   This was the first time we had been there and it was a good time.   We had to wait a while for a table and I ended up getting tipsy from starvation and drinking booze.  I know better.  

Bonus:   They make table side salsa so for once in my life, I could tell them NO CILANTRO!   Blah I hate that stuff. 

After dinner we went to a bar and I continued to drink liquor instead of beer....mistake!   I don't know how to drink liquor.  I expect to be able to drink it like beer and you just can't do that.    By the time we got to our friends house to hang out with them, I was to the point of not remembering much.   So I remember them having a push up contest.

BUT I don't remember having these pictures taken of me and I found them on my phone the next morning.   If someone could clarify as to what was going on in these pictures and why you were taking these pictures, that would be fabulous.   I imagine I was telling some super amazing story that made a lot of sense.   Or perhaps I was doing some awesome dance moves I've learned.  

I may be possessed here.

I was supposed to go for my long run but I came down with something and felt weak and pukey on Sunday.   I was miserable and I just wanted the day to be over.  

I do realize I was hung over.


  1. Damn that bottle flu! It always seems to get me after a fun night out too!

    And hence why I stick to beer!

    (oh and now I feel the need to head to Kohls! Sounds like you snagged some good stuff!)

  2. ahahahahahah, my arms hurt all day Sunday from that push up contest!

    It was me that took all those lovely pictures of you. You were sitting there talking to Ashley about something and you were very animated, lots of arm movements so I just kept snapping away lol. I have some funny pics on my phone of you too. I do not remember taking any pics with my phone so I don't know how they got there. But they are basically pics of you chugging wine.

    BTW I am embarrassed by my horribly old chair in the background.

  3. haha. i have had one too many pics taken of me that i dont remember in my past ;) and seriously. LOVE sales at Kohls!

  4. Yeah, your weekend was like mine then. Expect I didn't post the pictures! ;)

  5. hahahaha!!!! I love this. Looks like us "cools" had great weekends

  6. I'm with you, cilantro is DISGUSTING! Why are restaurants adding it to everything now? Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Haha, this sounds like a weekend or two that I've had! Glad you guys had a fun weekend! I'm quite impressed with all that you were able to get at Kohl's for $150. Maybe I need to shop there more often!