Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Lost Recipes

As a food blogger, I have high expectations for the recipes I share.   I dread getting feedback where people hated what I made or it didn't turn out for them.   I usually try to help them if something went wrong but I have to learn that not everything I make is going to please everyone as much as it does me.   That being said, there are many recipes throughout the time of this blog that haven't made the chopping block for one reason or another.   Half the time I forget to take a good picture of the end product.   Without that, the recipe is nearly pointless.   I feel like it would be a failure as a post and I wont put that on here.   Other times, I didn't like it as much as I would have loved to.   I don't want to just put recipes on my just to have a post.     Sadly, those pictures and recipes get no time in the spot light so I thought I'd share some of the pictures of these lost recipes.   Enjoy!


  1. okay...all look amazing. i am obviously partial to the chocolate yummy looking things :)

  2. ummmm......so I want them all :) and I can't believe people give you negative feedback that's what "All recipes" is for. OR repost the recipe and put "adapted from S&SbyS" - lol sillies...

    1. PS: I still want you to do one for my blog ;)