Friday, February 3, 2012

My Eleven Things

Thanks to Courtney over at Third Time's a Charm for tagging me in the Eleven things challenge.   Here we go! 

I think everyone knows what this is about and has been tagged already but if you haven't, just copy and paste this for your own blog and fill 'er out.    Here we go!

Eleven things about me:

1. When you first meet me, I am usually pretty quiet.   I feel like I stumble over my words and can't speak clearly.
2.  I don't sign up for races too far in advance.   I am scared of injury or of not training enough.  I also don't announce on this blog when I sign up for races because I sort of don't want anyone to know just in case I suck.
3.  I miss cooking without having to stop every step to take a picture.  This is why I don't blog solely about food.   I want to just cook sometimes and I feel like the recipes with only "after" pictures aren't nearly as interesting.
4.  I think 90% of drivers are idiots. 
5.  I swear more than I should.
6.  I watch Days of our Lives every day.
7.  I look forward to getting the mail every day and it's hard for me to actually let my girls go out and get it.
8.  I won a trip to NYC from a radio contest.   It was the first time Mike and I ever flew together and it was after 7 years of marriage. 
9.  I sometimes think I should change the name of my blog to "The Undeclared Blogger" because I clearly blog about nothing in particular. 
10.  At work, we have to carry large trays filled with drinks.  The most common question is "Have you ever dropped one of those trays?"   I am truly terrified to answer this because the answer is NO....but I feel like the second I say that (As I am holding this tray up with 1 arm handing them their drink) that the tray is going to go crashing to the floor. 
11.  I dream about a day of being alone and doing what I want.   Then I get 2 hours alone and I'm lost and have no idea what to do with myself.

Courtney's Questions:

1.  favorite candy?
Chewy Spree 
2.  what's your favorite disney movie?
Honestly, don't really get into Disney Movies
3.  if you could meet one celebrity who would it be?
Aaron Rodgers and then we'd get married.
4.  who's your favorite band?
DMB used to be my favorite.   Now I just listen to the radio and like the trendy stuff.
5.  favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
6.  if you could leave tomorrow and visit one place for 2 weeks (for free), where would you go?
The East Coast, with a Car and Mike.  He'd keep me sane.   

7.  have you ever met a blogger?
Nope!  I haven't met a single one!
8.  what's your favorite alcoholic drink?
Beer.  Yum.
9.  what's your dream race?
Fox Cities Marathon.   Watched it for a few years now and I have always been amazed by them and dreamed of doing it too.
10.  do you have any tattoos?
Unfortunately.   Tramp Stamp Butterfly.  Soooo 1990's.  
11.  what's your best running memory?
The day I broke my personal wall.  
I'm supposed to tag people and make my own questions but I'm pretty sure everyone's pretty much been tagged already!!! 


  1. you've met your dreams ;)

    1. I thought for sure this would spark a response :P but alas....

    2. Haha, I've sort of been busy working this weekend and haven't been on here too much :)

  2. i love chewy sprees! yum! and sorry i haven't mailed your zone bars yet. i was waiting on the other winner to get in touch but no such luck. i'll get them out by friday at the latest!

  3. I love getting the mail too! My sister and I fought over it so much when we were little that my mom gave us "mail days" and on our day we could go get the mail. Funny how I still race out to the mailbox as an adult!

    Hope you have a great weekend Sarah!

    1. That's exactly what I do during the summer when Katelyn is home from school! Every other day they get to do it. Bums me out. LOL

  4. Ok, I'm not a blogger but I have to comment on a few things. I think 99% of drivers are idiots ( at least in California). I swear more than I should and more than most people I know, so don't feel bad. Finally, I used to work as a busser ( like 20 years ago) and one time when I had a tray of water that I was delivering, the woman I was trying to give the water to refused to move her menu which inadvertently made me spill the tray of waters on her back, and it was a very fine dining restaurant I was working in. To his day, I don't feel guilty about that incident, all I can say is karma! Sorry to ramble, just wanted to comment.

    1. How the club is that I work at is most of the time I have to actually hand the drink to the person. I just love when people look at me and stare as I'm am holding their glass at them.....and see I'm carrying an extremely heavy tray with only one arm....Until I finally say "I can't reach your table...." It's not like I can bend at a 90 degree angle when carrying a tray with drinks on it.