Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh what a week!

This week has been crazy.   Makenzie has been a hot mess and I've been busy taking care of her.  

Monday - Kenzie woke up from a nap screaming and jolting her body when she would go potty.   Instantly thought it was a UTI.   Called her Pediatrician.   They wanted me to wait 3 hours and then drive 20 minutes to a clinic because the one in the city I live in didn't have any appointments for the day.    Hmm...didn't seem like a quick enough solution so I straight up told her that I was going to go to another companies clinic that had urgent care and will be seen right away.   There was an awkward pause and then she said "If your insurance covers that" and I knew it did so away we went.  

We got there and she had to pee so bad.  I knew they would need that sample so I kept telling her to hold it.   We sat in the lobby while the receptionist held a conversation over the phone with another employee.   Kenzie is turning red in the face holding her pee.    Finally she waves us to another window to get checked in because she was obviously so busy.   We go to the other window.   The lady is entering some info into the computer and says that she'll be right with us.   To be fair, she was very nice.    So we are waiting and waiting and waiting and then she tells me her computer is frozen and she's going to have to restart it.   I asked her PLEASE can we use the bathroom.   I told her that I knew they would need a urine sample though so if there was anything we could do to speed this up.   Kenzie was literally crossing her legs.   

The lady was great and told me to go walk down to the actual urgent care window and ask them about it and I gave her my insurance so she could actually check us in once she had her computer up and running.   I go over there and they had to fill out a couple quick things and then sent us on our way to finally go potty.   Poor little Kenzie screamed again and it was obvious she had a UTI or worse by what came out of her.   I wanted to cry.  

We get out of the office and get the meds and go home.   She gets two doses in before I went to bed that night because I really wanted her feeling well since she was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday.   

Tuesday she wakes up sick as ever.   She hurts when she pees.   Her side hurt terribly.   She had a fever and had also vomited.   She wouldn't eat a thing and barely drank anything.   I was so sad for her.   This infection just took everything out of her.  She missed her Valentines Day party but thankfully my awesome friend Tiffany stopped by to get her Valentines to hand out and then came back over after school to bring Kenzie her goodies.   She also had Starbucks for me!!  BFF Tiff! 

Kenzie didn't get any better throughout the day so I pretty much assumed the surgery to have her adenoids removed  would be off the next day.  The next morning she woke up with a low grade fever but she felt great.   I called the hospital nice and early and told them everything.   I figured they would cancel it because of the low grade fever but apparently not!   The nurse said since it was just from the UTI it was fine.   As long as she didn't have any upper respiratory issues she was clear to have surgery.   

We got to the hospital at 7:30am and Kenzie was the most perfect angel ever.    I was so upset I forgot my camera in the car so I have no adorable pictures of her in the hospital gown.   Total frown face here! 

Her surgery was at 9 and she went back as scheduled.   They waited until she was out to put in her IV so the prep was so simple.  Just hang out in the room, answer questions and talk about what was going to happen.    The doctors all came in to talk to us and then off she went.   Mike made a comment on how wrong it is to see your child that young being wheeled off to surgery.   He's right.   Such a tiny little peanut in such a huge bed.  

We went to the waiting room and waited about thirty minutes until the doctor came out to talk to us.   Everything went well and her adenoids were pretty large so hopefully this helps her sleeping  and breathing issues.    It was another twenty minutes or so until we went back to see her.   She was once again totally angelic and awesome.   Quiet as could be and wanting to be in my arms to sleep.   Fine by me :)   

After a while they let us leave and we went home. Kenzie was requesting pizza and hot chocolate immediately.   She has been completely normal since being home and hasn't had a single ounce of pain.   You would never know she had surgery!   She even went back to school today and the teachers were shocked she was back already.  

So anyway...up until today I hadn't ran since last Friday and haven't blogged since before the UTI incident.   This morning I went to the Y and ran just over 4 miles to work off a couple pieces of Valentines Day Chocolate that I got.   I have to get many more miles in to work off the rest.   I did stick half the box in the freezer this morning because I'm sick of them being there ready to eat.   

Sorry for the long winded post with no pictures.   I really would have had them had I not forgot my camera in the car!!   

Have you had your Tonsils or Adenoids taken out?   How old were you?

Did you really make it through this entire post?   I am not sure I would have if it wasn't about my own child!  


  1. So glad she is better and was able to have surgery....what a trooper! ...and yes, I made it through the whole post :)

  2. Silly girl. Of course I made it thru the whole post. Glad she's doing better. Scary when kids are so sick! Happy she was able to have surgery and has been great since! That's awesome. Yay for such a thoughtful BFF!

    Yes, I've had my tonsils and adnoids out. I was 15. I woke up in recovery and screamed. Recovery just got worse from there. I had them in the middle of cheerleading tryouts so went back to school the next day, jumping and shouting (2 things you are NOT supposed to do by the way). I started internal bleeding and didn't tell anyone because I wanted to finish tryouts. 2 days later I had lost 2 much blood I was unconscious if I lifted my head off the pillow. It was horrible! I pushed myself too hard but then again I always have and still do. You'd think I would have learned by now.

  3. I read every word and my heart goes out to her. My throat tightened every time you mentioned her screaming. I'm so glad she's ok from the UTI and adenoid surgery. I've never had that or my tonsils taken out but I can't imagine it's an incredibly pleasant experience.

    She's a little trooper going back to school already!

  4. Oh what a terrible week! Poor Kenzie :(
    She sounds like a real trooper and I'm glad to hear she recovered so quickly.

  5. Yes, made it through the whole post :) .. your poor baby and poor Momma. So glad she is feeling herself again. It is never easy to have a sick child.

  6. Happy to hear Kenzie is feeling better!

  7. so they didn't take her tonsils too???? I had both out at 19! it was brutal - kids Kenzie's age were playing all around me after the same surgery ;) lol
    That post made me so upset but so happy she's ok now :) poor darling

  8. what a horrible week, i'm so glad she's feeling better now!

  9. I don't have children but I am a nanny and sick children are so sad! Especially when they are too young to know what's going on! Glad she's better!