Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spinning, and Running

I have been really bad at staying right on schedule for my half marathon training plan.   Don't get me wrong, I am completing most of it, just not on the right days.   I'm also doing other things on top of running that aren't on the schedule but I figure as long as my muscles aren't too tired, I should be alright.

Yesterday for example:

I was supposed to do my long run on Sunday.   From my previous post, you can see that I did not run this past weekend.   Shopping and simply being lazy got in the way. 

Monday morning rolled along and I got up and got the girls dressed.   I sent Katelyn off to school and Kenzie and Aubri dressed and took them to the gym daycare.   I knew on my way there that 7 miles was on the schedule and I had this sick feeling it wasn't going to happen.   I knew that I had to do it on the treadmill for a few reason and the longest run on the treadmill prior to this was 6 miles the week before.    I was ready with my Nuun and got things going.   At about 2 miles in, my friend found me up there and hopped onto the treadmill next to me.   She got me through the next 20 minutes and I now realize what it's like to run and talk at the same time.    I have never ran with anyone before so I never knew if I was capable of such a thing.  I'm glad to say that I am and it was soooo nice to have someone to distract me for a little while.   I wish she could have stuck along for the whole time seven miles!   Yes, I did complete the whole thing.   I didn't walk at all either which is what I'm aiming for. 

Later that night I had spin class.   Normally I do my long run Sunday and then I do spin Monday night so I feel like it gives my legs enough time to rest.   Oddly though, I got through spin just fine.   Thanks once again to my friend that also saved me earlier in the day on the treadmill.   Without her, I probably wouldn't have gone.   Tiffany to the rescue!  

That's the spinning room.   I'm pretty sure the guy in the back was wondering why I was taking a picture of the room.   Even Tiffany wasn't so sure about it.  What you don't get from this picture is how peaceful the room really is.   The lights are dimmed and the walls are painted nicely.   It really doesn't look like puke. 

Now tonight I was supposed to take Core-Strength-Core and run 4.5 miles but I had to cancel out.   My stomach was so upset with something I ate or my IBS was kicking in again after being gone for how long.   Instead of working out, I sat in the bath and read magazines. 

Rough, I know. 

Now I'm back to playing catch up on the training schedule, just like I am every single week.   I feel alright with it though as long as I am able to keep getting my long run numbers up.   Here's hoping that will keep happening.


  1. hahaha you are so silly :P i saw the title and knew I had to stop by :P sorry about your gas but WOOHOOO for your tready 7 miles (thats the longest I've ever been on a treadmill too) and spin with Tiffany. I never get updates to her blog!?!?!

  2. The long runs are the most important so I think you are going to be okay! I love that you did a run and spin combo in one day!! Woohoo! You go girl!

  3. 7 miles on a treadmill= like 10 outside, I swear. Way to tough it out.
    Hope you feel better today and you get back on track.

  4. wow! intense with the run and spin! i think you deserved that bath + magazine time :)

  5. The title of this post makes me laugh! In all seriousness though I hope you are feeling better.