Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend in Review aka the No Run Fun Weekend

This weekend was a good one if you don't factor in that I didn't run at all.  Besides that, it was pretty amazing of a weekend and as busy as it can get.  Friday I worked and it was with my love Hailee.   I can pretty much assume if I work with her, it's going to be a great night.    She's just my kind of gal and has no problem being completely inappropriate. 

We played emotions again...Jackie as the creator of emotions was shouting out what emotion we should show.

Hailee's emotion is correct.   Mine is not.

I can already imagine the emails I will get on this one.   Sorry to disappoint.

On Saturday, the girls had soccer nice and early.   I started the day off with lots of coffee and a quick shower and then off we went.   Both girls played great and their teams also won.   Yay for a great start to the day.  

After that we went to Katelyn's school carnival.   We spend more than we should have.   $20.00 on Raffle Tickets, $20.00 on games and then $10.00 on food.   It's a good thing we won a couple of the raffles and so it makes it all worth it. 

Here's the fun part.   Once we were home from the carnival, my mother in law came to pick the girls up and was taking them to a hotel with a little water park inside.   This means Mike and I have an entire day and night without kids.    Like most adults, the first thing we did was run to Home Depot.    We like to dream about what we will do with out house.   We fought about how I would never put granite counters in my current house because I don't plan on living here forever and I'll save that big expense for a house I will live in.    We also argued over rugs and how Mike likes the most ridiculous rugs ever made.    Then we settled on buying a new light fixture for our front porch.    Some how we both liked the same style for that.  

Now the fun.   We made a reservation at a hotel for ourselves.   We had dreams of having drinks and sitting in the hot tub all night and just having fun.    What really happened wasn't at all like that.    We stayed at one of the better hotels around here which is right down town Appleton so that we could walk to dinner.   

Waiting for me to get ready for dinner.   Instead I take pictures.

The toilet makes a great back drop.

This is my idea of a perfect outfit.   Leggings, tall boots and a longer shirt to cover my butt. 

So after taking 465 pictures, we went to dinner where I proceeded to take more pictures.   This is my dinner.  It doesn't look good but it was amazing.  

Whole wheat spaghetti with a bunch of veggies and marinara sauce.   I had to try to order something healthy to counter act the White Russian I was drinking and the large loaf of garlic bread they gave me as we sat down. 

We walked back to the hotel and thought about going into the hot tub.   Both of us were exhausted.   We didn't want t spoil the evening by going to bed at 7:30 so back outside we went to walk to a coffee place.  

After sitting there and talking for about 45 minutes, we went back to the hotel.   We never did end up going into the hot tub.   We watched TV, played around with the Sleep Number beds that were provided, and slept.    We.Are.Lame

Honestly though, it was just kind of a perfect night.   

Sunday was filled with looking at open houses, shopping and working on an art project I will be sharing sometime this week.  

Do you and your significant other ever rent a hotel just to get away, even though it's only a 15 minute drive from your house? 

Do you go to Home Depot, Lowes or any other home improvement store and dream of what you'd love to do to your house?   We do it ALL the time. 


  1. You look so tall girl ;) hottie. and I know you're naughty - as mentioned were never fooling anyone with those innocent smiles ;P

    I just had hits from a porn site call wife bucket!!!!!!! what does that mean1?!?!?! Colin sold my blog url and pics :( I didn't have to heart to check further than the first page as it was gross.

    anyways I hope to do something like this for our first year anniversary :) up north in cottage country or at niagara falls :D

    1. I am tall :D 5.9...mostly legs....hahaha.

      I wouldn't like to know why people were looking at my website from a porn site....eeks!! I hope they stop coming soon!!

  2. your legs are so long! i would wear leggings all the time if i had your legs!

    we did this for our second anniversary, stayed in downtown asheville so we could drink and not have to cab it home! it's a great idea i'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Sometimes just have to do something different. Loved your pic's

  4. bahaha. i kinda get pumped when you post the "emotions" pictures. they always crack me up. ummmm and hi. we need to meet up after i move to that part of the country. :)

  5. Very cute outfit! We talk about doing things like that but honestly we don't have kids and we love being with the dogs so we would probably spend all night asking each other what we thought the dogs would be thinking. Yes, we are that dorky!