Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Felt Rose Wreath

I've been searching for a wreath for a while now and haven't found the right one.   They are either too expensive or not the colors I am looking for so I started to look around on the web to find if I could make what I was thinking.   I bought a new rug for the living room and it has some gold colors in it and I really wanted to play off of that color since our drapes are also gold.   This is what I came up with:

The total cost was roughly $6.00.  

Here's how to make the roses.  

Buy some felt.   Any color or colors you would like.   You need to find a circular shape to trace.

Cut out a bunch of circles.   They don't need to be perfect.   The imperfections give each rose character.

Start to make a spiral out of the circles by cutting in on one side.

Then keep going.    Remember, imperfections give them character. 

Until you get all the way to the center.    Then take the center and start rolling the rose. 

Keep rolling.

You can either use the entire circles worth of felt or you can cut it short and make two smaller roses.   Secure the end with glue and repeat :)

Hot glue the roses to the wreath.   You can fill the entire wreath or just fill it partially, like I did.


  1. That is so pretty!! Looks super easy too :) You are a woman of so many talents!

  2. Very cute idea. And nice that it didn't cost a fortune, too.

  3. so crafty and cute!!! i love it!