Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's the small things that make it worth it (for me)

This week has been great for running, up until today.   Sunday, like I previously mentioned, I had a good long run.   I felt good and I didn't hurt after.  

Tuesday I did a 5 mile run with an average pace of 9:28 per mile. 

Yesterday though...I went out with one thing in mind.   I had 3 miles on the training schedule and I wanted to test a theory.   I feel like I suck at racing and perform better when I'm running on my own.   For some reason or another my race times are never impressive to me (or anyone for that matter) and I am still not exactly sure what or who to blame for that other than myself.   SO back to the 3 miles I had on the schedule.  I figured I would round it to an even 5k.  That way I can see how well I can do.    My best 5k time  was the Race for the Light 5k I did back in December that resulted with a 29:37 for chip time and a 9:32 pace.  

Here are my lap times for yesterday:

I had an 8:37 minute mile!   I don't think I've ran that fast since grade school.  So if you look at the numbers closely, I did a 5k at home, on my normal route, with no encouragement in 27:17.   

What is the deal with this?   At least now I know to push myself harder at 5k's.   

Today's run was hard though.   My legs are exhausted and I think my new shoes are taking their toll on me.   With them being a more minimalist shoe, my muscles are so tired.    My legs felt dead.    Now I have a couple rest days and then my long run on Sunday again.   Here's hoping it goes as well as the last one did.  


  1. Congrats! I ran my current 5k PR on a longer race so clearly I need to run a new 5k too. I'm sure you could beat 27:27 in an actual race!

  2. Way to go!!
    Minimalist shoes love to go fast, they are fun.
    Maybe you are just getting stronger and better able to tolerate the faster speeds. Once you race another 5K you'll be ready and probably smash your time. Make sure you are placing yourself closer to the front too so you aren't wasting precious minutes at the front of the race dodging slower runners.
    Keep up the awesome hard work. It will pay off.

  3. I'm with Vanessa. You'd probably be even faster in a race. Great run Sarah!

  4. I've never really heard of anyone running slower in a race than on a training run, but maybe you're just quirky? I think passing people during a race helps to push me to run a bit faster. Hopefully you'll surprise yourself at your next race.

    P.S. Totally envious of your awesome 5K time!