Monday, March 26, 2012

Less than a month!

I am down to less than one month before my first half marathon.    Each time I think about it, I get that nervous feeling in my gut.    I start to think about how it might not go as well as I hope for and I hope I mentally don't check out of it only a few miles in.    I can tell my training is paying off though so that gives me hope.   Yesterday I did another 8 mile run.   It was the best long run to date because I felt good the entire time.   My breathing was right, my pace steady and the weather was pretty good.   The only issue was that I was in a head wind the entire first half of the run.   It was pretty strong but I knew that if I could get through it, the way back would be much better with a tailwind.  I pushed through, even chicked a guy out running and only slowed down to take a drink 2 times throughout the entire run.   

I did switch back to my Brooks Adrenalin because I was starting to feel sore from the Purecadence since I didn't transition into them slowly enough.  All was good though once I got going.  Everything felt right and smooth.   

I was pretty surprised with how consistent my splits were.   Lap 4 I had to stop to cross a busy road so I am assuming that is where the extra time came from. 

Since I did this run at night, I didn't need any fuel the entire run.   I did bring my handheld and had finished the water in there at mile 7. 

I can't help but feel good about this run and finally feel confident in the training I've done so far.   


  1. You're going to do great Sarah! I can't wait for race day to get here so I can hear how well you do.

  2. Awesome, Sarah! I have such great memories of my first half marathon. Just relax and have fun with it, and you'll do great.

  3. The only thing to tell yourself on half marathon day is "I can do this!!" and "I will finish!!". That really is all that matters on your first one. You will do great.