Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little redemption.

After Sundays long run I wasn't sure I ever wanted to run again.   I felt like a failure and it scared me.   I took Monday off from running and just did spin class.   I am pretty sure that very spin class gave me a bladder infection or made my urethra swollen or something because I am in pain.   Thankfully my doctors office doesn't want to see me and just sent a prescription over to the pharmacy this morning.   I think they've seen enough of me in the past couple of years and figure they have taken enough of my money.  

Anyway....I know everyone is talking about it but this weather is AMAZING!  I don't know how we all got so lucky but today is supposed to be in the 70' Wisconsin.    This just doesn't happen.   It has no end in sign right now either on the 10 day forecast so I'm living a dream. 

I went for a run yesterday and I am happy to report that with shorts and a thin long sleeved shirt, I was too hot.   I am also happy to report that my run went better than Sundays.   I did stop at the 2 mile mark and take this picture though.  

See the cute dog in the water?  He was fetching a tennis ball.   Brrr.

In the end I completed 4.5 miles at a 9:38 avg. pace.    I was happy with it considering the wind doesn't seem to let down at all for me to run outside.   I was pushing with everything I had and couldn't seem to escape the head wind no matter which way I was running.  

I am hoping to get in a quick run today.   I have a special delivery that is on the truck to be delivered right now.   It's these: 

Brooks PureCadence!    I am hoping they work for me.   I am quite the pronator and need a good amount of support in my arch but if not, back they go.   

Oh one other quick mention.   Last week I had the the most miles ever in a week for me.   I topped the week off at just over 28 miles!  I know for many of you that is nothing but for me that's a pretty great accomplishment.   

What is the most miles you've ever ran in a week?


  1. Great mileage! Keep it up.
    Beautiful picture.

  2. eeeekkkk!!! i LOVE new shoes! so glad you had an awesome redemption run! enjoy the warm weather!!

  3. I was looking at those exact shoes the other day, just in a different color. Let me know if you like them!! I don't know how we lucked out with this awesome weather in WI and I'm not complaining now. Although when the mosquitos come out early I'm sure I will blame this.

  4. I can't wait to hear what you think of the brooks :) and sweet run girl!!!

    I love the water pic :D

  5. Anxious to hear what you think about the shoes! Glad this run was better for you!

  6. great run and those shoes are so cute!! hope they work for you!