Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Pictures from the Week

Spring break for the kids is next week.   I hope I can get through it.   It's always harder with all 3 kids here.  

Kenzie at soccer....umm...tucking her shirt in?    She's my peanut.   I love her. 

My bangs really really need to be cut.   Either that or I need to dedicate myself to growing them out again.   I don't want to though.   I just never have time to go get a hair cut.  

Went to take a bite of my pizza and it was looking back at me.   My sister and I have such a juvenile sense of humor that we laughed for 10 minutes about it.   I was crying.   I eventually ate my pizza....poor guy! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  


  1. love you with bangs - cut them yourself on an angel ;)

    Logan was just at soccer too

    the bunny was F*CKING scary <---- I had to swear it was so scary ;)

  2. I'm with Ali Mc-you can cut the bangs yourself!