Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today she is Five.

Today she is five.   Five.   That is a whole hand full of fingers to represent every year she has been in our lives.   We are so lucky to have her as she is the perfect balance between gentle and strong.  

Some things about Kenzie that you should know. 

She loves apples.   They are her favorite food.   She eats several a day as long as we have them.   I end up buying about 6 pounds of apples a week and that's not enough to keep us always stocked. 

She loves to sleep.   She naps without a fight and sleeps in many mornings.   She gets it from Mike.   Until she was born, I thought Mike was just lazy.   Now I know it's hereditary.

She's shy.   She's not as open to talk to people as other kids are.   She means well but she gets tongue tied when put on the spot.   She gets this from me...

Her nickname is Baby Peanut.   She knows this and when she wants something she will say something like "Don't you want to get that for your baby peanut?"  It works.    She is a peanut.   If you're lucky enough to meet her, she's tiny.   Tall but tiny if that makes sense. 

Her heart begs to be talked to softly.   She doesn't like being disciplined and it usually crushes her.  She gets away with more than she should because of this. 

She came out of her shell around her first birthday.   Now she's completely silly and giggly.   She begs for attention through doing silly things. 

She's five now but she fits perfectly in my lap.   I hope this never changes.

She listens very well.   She accepts when you tell her no.   She makes my life a little easier. 

I can't believe she'll be in school all day come fall.   I will cry like a baby.   I really hope she doesn't.   That will crush me to no end. 

With all that said, I absolutely am madly in love with my baby peanut.   I look forward to spending this special day with her and the family she loves with every ounce in her heart.    She can slow down growing up now.   I love the ages my girls are at right now.


  1. Happy Birthday to her! What a sweet post Sarah!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. AWWWWWW so cute I want a girl so bad Hope she had a GREAT bday!