Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekend long Run that makes you think you suck.

I didn't take pictures.   I am sorry but I should have.   I thought about it several times but to be honest, I didn't want to stop running to get them.   I always feel like it's harder on my legs to get going again after I stop.  

On Sunday Mike had to work so I was worried I wouldn't get my long run in for the weekend.   I have done some of my long runs on Monday before and I knew I could do that but the weather was dreamy and I wanted to take advantage of it so I called my mom to see if she would watch the girls a couple hours so I could run.   She had some things to do but agreed and said as long as it's just for me to run.   I dropped the girls off at her house but then she said she had plans with them now which gave me more time to get my run done so I went and drove to a trail I have been wanting to run for some time now.   It's a dirt trail that goes across a large part of the state and during the summer has many tree covered areas.   This time of year, it's just branches covering the trail so the sun was still getting through.  

The trail was beautiful.   I saw so many different kinds of birds out there and it was also peaceful.   I jammed out to music for the first half and then kept the headphones off the second half.   Here is a time line of how my run went in my head:

Mile 1:  Wow it's beautiful out.   Was that a Blue Jay?   Oh a see Robin's!   Spring is here!  This trail is great!"

Mile 2:  Hmm.   Not a lot of people out here enjoy this weather.   This is great weather!   I love life!  I love Spring!  I love wearing shorts!

Mile 3:  Wow I'm pretty thirsty.   I'm 3 miles from the car.   Should I turn around so I can get to the car sooner to get a drink and then go back out for another 2 miles?  NO...that would make you weak!  Suck it up!   That sun is really bright.  

Mile 4:  Wow....I am really far from my car.   My water is in my car.    I'm so thirsty.   I have to pee NOW.   There is no where to pee.   I have to pee!  Is that a person up there?   Can they see me in my bright pink hiding in some bare bushes to pee?    Ugh. 

Mile 5:  I can't believe I ran this far from my car.   I'm so stupid!   I am so THIRSTY!   That creeks water looks delicious.   I wonder if I can eat the ice that still sits on top!   Oh my gosh is it ever windy.   I am sick of running.

Mile 6:  This sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks.   I don't think I can do a half marathon.   I am sick of looking at this trail.   It's so ugly and boring.   Only bare trees, dirt, and mud.   I'm so thirsty I am nearly delirious.  

Mile 7:  Only a mile left.   Seriously run.   You will get to the car faster.   I never thought I'd see the car again in my life.  That sun is so annoying.   That wind is so annoying.   I really should have worn less.   Would people think I'm bad if I take my shirt off right now?   Ugh!!!!!!   .50 of a mile left...GOOOOOOOOOO.   OMG my car.   I could cry.  

As you can see it was a terribly hard run.   I blame it on no water for the most part but also for the fact that I've never ran on a trail before.   It wasn't a paved trail so you really work so much harder to go somewhere when you're running through sinking mud and sandy/dirt covered ground.   

My mission this week is to find a camel back or something similar to wear during these runs.   I can't do the belts with water bottles on them because anything around my waist that bounces will give me the craps.   No joke.   

I know everyone has a run like this but it was truly horrible feeling.    My legs weren't brain was.   I was just over it.  

Do you have a camel back or hydration pack?   Do you like it? 


  1. This made me laugh,only bc I have been there....I don't run with a belt either...can't do it. I will run with a bottle of water in my hand though... I used to plant water/ Gatorade along my route the night before a long run...that always worked for me, but it is a lot of work to do it ahead of time....

  2. ugh ive definitely been right there with you. i hate when i'm thirsty on runs, i can't get it outta my head! i have a camelbak that i've used once on a ten miler. horrible. it bounced around and chafed. but mine is more of a hiking/biking pack vs. small running one.

  3. oh man. i felt this last monday during my LR. first time in forever that it was WARM out and I was NOT prepared. i was freaking out and having similar thought to you. i have a handheld water bottle that I LOVE. i thought it would be weird to carry something but i honestly never even notice it. if you get a good one that is shaped to your hand...they are great! i just forgot it last week...oops ;)

  4. Like you indicated, for me, it is usually my brain saying I'm tired, not my legs. Good for you to persevere. I usually just drink a lot before I go...but then again, I normally don't do more than 3 miles.

  5. Ugh! I hate those runs. I've been there before and it sucks when your mind takes over and ruins it all. I don't run with any hydration - can't stand belts, camelbacks, holding water bottles, etc. I've stashed water bottles along my route or I try to plan for a route that has drinking fountains or gas stations to buy water. Good luck in finding your solution!

  6. I'm not a runner any longer because my knees just can't take it. But I do get what you say when you're out there and start to just lose your mind in all of the beauty. It actually would make me forget about 'how much further I had left to go'.

  7. Ugh, I'm terrified this is how I'm going to feel running a half this weekend in weather that's in the 70's. I haven't run in that kind of weather since last October!

    I like having a handheld or belt to carry gatorade in but Allan just drops a bottle next to our track and stops every so often to get some water. The loops are a little under a half mile. Hope you figure out something that works for you!

  8. I have a Nathan handheld water bottle that works great. It has a little pouch for your keys, phone, nutrition, ect, and then it straps around your hand so that you don't actually hold it. I took it for 18 miles yesterday and it worked great!